poop should be renamed “doof,” since that is food backwards
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Cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt shadows chef Wylie Dufresne for a day.
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Lisa Hanawalt is the best.

...that's it, that's all I got. MOVE ALONG.
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My favorite part was "Georgia O'Keeffes".
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Oh man, speaking of Hanawalt and O'Keeffe

(maybe a smidglet NSFW)
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Something I find odd in the drawings - occasionally the 'other' person, like the massage therapist seems to be drawn so well, while consistently the author draws herself in such a rediculously poor form. Badly drawn body perspectives and whatnot. Aside from that it was kind of neat.
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My roommate totally stole my copy of My Dirty Dumb Eyes so I just decided it was his birthday present (and honestly, if I cared that much, I'd just as for it back, but he likes Hanawalt's work much more than I do).

I love her art overall and more importantly, I think comics about food are the best. I loved this. She's hilarious in a smart but approachable way. You always to be a part of the weirdness of her jokes with her and I think that's great.
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That was a fun read!

I don't want anybody to like sea urchin so there will more for me.
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That was delightful!
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Oh holy shit Merzbau that is the funniest thing I have seen since I just read the words 'sex cheese'. Thanks.
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This article is like Lucky Peach Online.

L.P.O., as the cool kids are calling it. Someday, I hope to call it that.
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I disagree. Barf should be renamed doof.
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Too aggressively cute for me, but please, enjoy.
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I don't know the artist/writer. Never heard of her. Also, I read a lot of food writing. A lot. So:

I eat the ravioli too fast to see what’s inside, but based on the flavor I would describe it as “sex cheese.” It’s hard not to giggle with discovery as I eat.


The chilled egg drop soup is the one dish I don’t finish, only because I don’t love sea urchin. Urchins taste like whipped semen and look like a million tiny fingers hatching out of a baby shit-colored brain. Look, if Wylie doesn’t like tomatoes, I don’t have to like urchins.

There needs to be more food writing like this. Not necessarily with the sex references, but with the acknowledgement that experimental food can be interesting, but that not liking it 100% doesn't mean you're an idiot.

More drawings would be great too, but I'd settle for the above.
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like whipped semen

If semen is into that who are we to judge?
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wd-50 is my go-to celebration restaurant. It's always an adventure. It's always amazing. I've been going there a lot more and just sitting at the bar and ordering al a carte things. If you live in NYC you should go you should go you should go!

but not too much so I can keep going
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Are there any restaurants like these in the Bay Area? This article's just made me all the more hungry.

(Though I do have a violent, irrational aversion to celery and berries. The mushroom-and-blue-cheese-allergic person can swap dishes with me.)
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How can I get those faux peas that are actually carrots coated in pea dust? Just thinking about them pleases me to an irrational degree.
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poop should be renamed “doof,” since that is food backwards

Surely doof should be vomit.
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This was super neat! I loved the writing and I love Wylie Dufresne, mostly because he seems like a very affable nice man who does very interesting things with food. I have always wanted to eat at WD-50, but alas, I am a vegan and would not want to request he change his special magical unicorn ways for my meal. So thanks for this!
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My youngest son's first word was doof. It was clearly pronounced. The only explanation we ever came up with is that he was pronouncing food backwards.
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Kitteh: the first thing they ask you is if you have any dietary restrictions. I feel like they already have a vegan game plan and I can't imagine it's just to tell you to leave. Wylie seems to enjoy challenges so I'm sure that's just another one.
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This lovely article made me want to buy American cheese for the first time as an adult. Thanks for the inspiration.
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For some reason I had this impression wd-50 was overly formal or hard to get into or something but looking over the website, well I'll will definitely stop in for a cocktail and ala cart snacks next time I'm in that part of town ( plus ordering at the bar is a cheap way to sample places plus I can pretend I'm a spy casing the joint for my contact.)
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If you'll excuse me, I've got to go knird - had a lot of coffee this morning.
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FYI Whelk, the cocktails at Alder (wd~50's baby sister) are out of this world.
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How can I get those faux peas that are actually carrots coated in pea dust? Just thinking about them pleases me to an irrational degree.

Use a small (tiny) melon baller to make the carrot balls. Cook as per usual. Grind dried peas to a fine powder. Roll one in the other and kaboom.

I have always wanted to eat at WD-50, but alas, I am a vegan and would not want to request he change his special magical unicorn ways for my meal.

Every chef at this level (or at least the experimental ones) has alternate menus to deal with most major dietary restrictions. Tell them you're vegan when you make your reso, and you will have just as much of a magical unicorn experience as the person next to you.

For comparison, Next (Grant Achatz' other restaurant, that does menus which change every three months) spent three months doing nothing but a vegan menu.
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This was the sweetest thing.
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Update: Lisa Hanawalt food-themed book coming from Drawn & Quarterly!
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