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Fanesca is a traditional soup from Ecuador and is a special soup or stew because it is only prepared once a year during Easter. From a blog of Ecuadorian dishes by Layla Pujol. A few ceviches.
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Wow, yes please!

I had to look up "achiote or annatto powder" from the Fanesca recipe, and it's very intriguing. The taste is described as "an earthy, peppery flavor with a hint of bitterness. Achiote seeds give off a slightly floral or peppermint scent."
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Holy crap that looks good.
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My mum made fanesca tonight, it was fantastic treat. It's quite a time consuming meal to make as the various legumes have to be prepared separately, and there are a bunch of toppings that need to be made as well.
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Wow, what an elaborate dish. Is there a story behind all the steps?

It sounds good in theory (esp since I love salted fish) but I hate rice porridge and any sort of rice that's "wet" with a passion, it makes me gag. I do really like rice pudding though, and that has a similar consistency, but because it's milky and sweet it tastes like cream or yogurt rather than childhood hospital visits.

Harpocrates does it taste like rice porridge/congee at all?
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I have to step back and think when I open a food blog and the first new recipe (Spanish Tortilla with Ham) on the page says *Disclosure: This Spanish tortilla with ham recipe was created for Smithfield and I received compensation for this sponsored post." Well, at least they are honest, but still...
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I like ceviche. I like the flavor, of course, but I also like the idea that no matter what anybody tells you, there is no way to buy a frozen microwavable ceviche product.

No. Never. There cannot be a microwave ceviche dinner in the freezer section of your supermarket.

Never. Because that is not ceviche.
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A friend of mine linked me to this on reddit yesterday. I did a little searching and found out that a place in NYC has it.
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That's a dauntingly long list of ingredients, but it looks amazing. Do not miss her cocktail recipes, too -- mandarin mojito and kiwi blueberry mojito are going on my to-try list right now.

Is there a story behind all the steps?

I wondered that, too. Wikipedia says it's a family event to make the soup, and the ingredients have symbolic meaning: "The twelve beans represent the twelve apostles of Jesus, and the bacalao is symbolic of Jesus himself."
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I did a little searching and found out that a place in NYC has it.

This looks more like what mine would like.
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I had to look up "achiote or annatto powder" from the Fanesca recipe, and it's very intriguing.

It has very little flavor, in my opinion. Fun fact: Annatto powder is what makes orange cheddar orange!

Thanks for linking to this blog, growabrain. It's a treasure trove.
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Yum. That looks really good.

In other news I once butchered a Spanish sentence requesting the ceviche so badly that the waitress brought me a Cerveza. It was a poor substitute.
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Ahhh, I am jonesing for some llapingachos now.
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What an amazing recipe. What an amazing soup. A soup that surely can only be made in a large household with sons and daughters in law contributing their various skills and resources (and ingredients) and hordes of grandchildren able to run errands...

"Finally, the proportions I have below are for enough soup to feed at least 25 people."
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"Don't use the salt cod!"
"Don't put the salt cod water in the soup!"
"Unless you think you're hard enough."
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