Data probably does have a fully-functional pornoraphic memory
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Remember Texts From Last Night? This is that, with added Star Trek: The Next Generation. (Via io9)
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Man, is it just me or is Tumblr the worst format for *anything*? I see some great content on there, but generally it is impossible to tell where it has come from, you can't comment on anything, you can't navigate around it in a sane manner (No 'go to first post' button).....
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you can always just go to the archive of a tumblr page to get to the beginning. commenting does suck and is more geared towards reblogging and putting the comment on your own tumblr.
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I can't stop from saying "spelling".
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There's a Texts from Last Night tumblr (or two or three) for pretty much any fandom you can think of. Hannibal, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, etc.
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I so badly want to believe that this is an actual evening in the Riker-Troi household.
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This is pretty damn great.
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You're right captain, soup IS delicious.
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OK- I'm not sure that DS9 tumblr counts. It's just actual DS9 dialogue.
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androids never have performance issues.
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I don't recall Lesbian being a unit of speed in Trek.
But, to be fair, I did a lot of technobabble in the '90s.
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No, no- I think it's a metaphor. You know, like the whole parsecs thing in Star Wars.
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wasn't there a twitter that was essentially this? it was just like tweets from tng?

on preview, i'm thinking of this possibly... but that still doesn't seem right.
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I know it's in the FPP title but this one is seriously killing me. There is no Data like sassy Data.
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Looking at this one, I suddenly realized that Felicia Day is simply young Beverly Crusher.

Not sure about the impact on the timeline, but thanks for bringing us The Guild, doctor.
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Riker is really god's gift to this medium.
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Yes, you can, Lwaxana; oh, yes, you can.

This has been the cure for a really bad week. Thank you so much, Mezentian.
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emptythought: maybe you're thinking of TNG Season 8?
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