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Disney Dconstructed (EDM)
April 22, 2014 9:27 PM   Subscribe

Like most people, my first thoughts upon hearing about Disney's EDM remix album "DCONSTRUCTED" was: "Oh dear God. This cannot end well."
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By contrast, Pogo's Disney deconstructions are almost invariably charming as heckit.
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This is a lazy blog post, as the writer didn't search for any of these tracks, or they would know that these are not all new, and not all are remixes. "Partysaurus Overflow" is (an extended version) of a song made for Partysaurus Rex, a Pixar short, and there was a full set of remixes from The Incredibles back in 2004. Shinichi Osawa's Main Street Electrical Parade extended mix is also old, from 2008. And the last note, you can't stream the album on Amazon, you can get the usual 30 second preview clips.

I'm surprised Disney didn't include any tracks from the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Remixes. Maybe Paul Oakenfold was asking for too much money.
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Did we learn nothing from DEV2.O, people? Nothing?
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And really, the songs aren't that bad, compared to this mix of "EPIC Disney Dubstep" (where "dubstep" means the more modern wub-wub-wub stuff, not the spooky half-step atmospherics of years past).
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One Muppets fansite was unimpressed with the "Muppet Show Theme" remix, agreeing with the FPP'd article about "no longer recognizable except for maybe a few snippets of sampled dialogue, lyrics, or instrumentals from the original source materials." So was this Muppet fan, enough to decide to ignore the rest of the album.
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Aphex Twin wanted too much money to do the Rubber Mickey video [nsfw].
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Also, the ORIGINAL version of the Main Street Electrical Parade music (by moog pioneers Perrey & Kingsley) could never be topped.

But you know what could've redeemed the album for me? An extended version of the theme to Craig McCracken's new cartoon Wander Over Yonder. Them's good toonage!
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When I heard Let It Go for the first time, I was 90% sure that someone was going to make a big trance remix out of it and Armin is pretty much the man for the job. The remix is exactly what I expected.

To me, a perfect trance remix of a pop record strips the song from it's original context and uses the lyrics as a commentary on how it feels to be happy and in love (or high on pills if you're a bit cynical about the scene)

Let It Go is so easy to read as a song about being on ecstasy it's like they did it on purpose.
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Also, Mat Zo is a genius. And still just a kid -- I don't even think he's 21 yet.
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Here's clips of all the tracks if you want to listen.
posted by empath at 11:58 PM on April 22

So this is the new Simply Mad About The Mouse then?
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Partysaurus Overflow" is (an extended version) of a song made for Partysaurus Rex

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I keep reading that as pantysaurus
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I was remarking on Facebook that Armin Van Buuren's mix of Let It Go is a poor showing compared to Dave Audé's mix. The radio edit of Dave Audé's mix has been playing on Pride Radio for about the last week and it's absolutely fantastic.
posted by Talez at 8:17 AM on April 23

And the last note, you can't stream the album on Amazon, you can get the usual 30 second preview clips.

FWIW, it was streaming on Amazon last week; seems to have gone back to clips-only since then.
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When I was on my Eurobeat kick after playing way too much Dance Dance Revolution, I bought Eurobeat Disney, which is a similar concept but was much better executed. You could, for example, actually identify the songs that were remixed.

... Oh crap, there were two more albums?
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Let's not forget Mosh Pit on Disney and Dive Into Disney, the Japanese punk and ska cover albums of a number of Disney songs. Disney's been doing this for a while.
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