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James Minchin's backstage photos taken during the filming of Mad Men show, among other things, Ken holding a Macbook.
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Looks like Harry's getting a computer after all!
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I haven't seen the third episode yet as I'm in the UK. I'm wondering if we'll see Harry and Betty and whomever is pretending to be Bobby this season.
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All those white shirts!
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Could Jon Hamm be any more handsome? This is not fair. There are plenty of people in this world with no handsome at all.
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Draper with the iPhone is awesome.
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Could Jon Hamm be any more handsome? This is not fair.

I was shocked by how handsome Vincent Kartheiser is when he's not in full Pete. He looks ten years younger.
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They do a really good job with that fake beard and mustache.
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Neat! Some incidental inferential info we have recently touched on in FF threads, specifically, a legible shot of an annual financial report for SCDP dated 1965 with a note indicating non-tobacco annual billings (I think), and several shots showing interior construction detail of SCDP's modular office set.
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Heh, I know the guy who created the Ecstasy line of herbal drugs. People have been complaining for years that they don't work so it's funny to see that someone has found a use for their products.
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You know, the non tobacco billings note; would that be longhand? They were still teaching Gregg and speedwrite into the 1990s at vo-tech highschools.
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it is in regular cursive. I think it may represent Lane working out what the revenue hit would be for the company without Luckies. Contra that, it is on a steno pad.
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They are all of them so damn sexy. It is just not fair.
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Ken is just showing off all the devices he found during his trip into the Future after being contacted by aliens. Its all going in his next book.
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Mac Men.
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I've gotten used to the fact that the entire cast looks younger out of makeup and costume, but Vincent Kartheiser is so committed to his role both internally and externally that I'm floored by seeing how handsome he is when not being Pete Campbell. Jon Hamm can be a cartoon pilot as much as he likes, but any man who wants to instantly become smoking hot - play Pete and then don't play Pete, and your job is half done.
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Love Bert in his tennies.
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I love the shot of Elisabeth Moss looking into a mirror (can't link easily on a tablet, sorry). I hope Oculus Rift happens soon, because I'd buy it on day one if it allowed one to wander round the sets.

Until now, this was my favourite Mad Men backstage thing...
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Thost photos are beautiful!
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Is that some sort of automated cigarette smoker?
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I almost wish some of these were a series of shots that could be put into beautiful gif form as in this tumblr.
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Wait where's the current Mad Men thread?
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Mad Men TV thread.
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Could Jon Hamm be any more handsome? This is not fair. There are plenty of people in this world with no handsome at all.

There is an episode of 30 Rock that deals with his good looks. The Bubble.
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Whaaaaaaat! and I just looked at the sidebar. Thanks Tilde!
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