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Crocodile Chop (SLYT)
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1. I thought this was going to be related to the end of Face-Off
2. The lead singer from SOAD looks quite a bit like Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo
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DID YOU KNOW: that this was made by Neil Cicierega, who recently released a seriously amazing mashup album full of wonderful things that I have been losing my beans over these past couple of days?

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The mashup is done so well that I did not understand what was going on. I don't know System of a Down, so I had to look up the original song/video. Others with the same problem might want to watch this after watching the main link to get an appreciation for how good "Crocodile Chop" is.
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a seriously amazing mashup album full of wonderful things

Bills Like Jean Spirit
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Alanis might be the most brilliantly cracked track? I don't love it as much as Mullet With Butterfly Wings, though.
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Super Jumper.
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Neil C. Previously on the blue
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Really like it, sounds like a song from Rocky Horror.
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god, there's nothing like taking a classic rock song and despoiling it with dreck

if you think i mean despoiling elton john with SOAD, you are so, so wrong
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Oh my god.
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billjings, those links didn't quite induce uncontrollable giggling, but the risk was very high. NSFMyProfessionalDemeanor.
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Along these same lines, have some cheery political screaming with B.Y.O.T.
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I was just reading the death penalty thread and was thinking "I need something light before I go to sleep", and so I'm hugely grateful for the joy that is "Diiiiiiiiiiiiiielalalalalaaaa"! I never could take this song/video seriously and now I never will. Thank you and goodnight.
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For those who missed it, we did just have a post on Mouth Sounds. It's excellent. Seriously, just listen to it all the way through in one sitting.
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I can't decide if I wish it had 10% more drunk Jeff Goldblum, or 10% less drunk Jeff Goldblum. Either way, it finally makes Crocodile Rock listenable.
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this is done terribly well
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This is so good.
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