No one likes a sore loser, Scott.
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Jean and Scott is a web comic by Max Wittert, depicting domestic life between the X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey. [episode 1] [episode 2] [episode 3] [episode 4] [episode 5] [episode 6] [episode 7] posted by 1970s Antihero (22 comments total) 18 users marked this as a favorite

I wanted to hate this, but then I lost it when Profession Xavier made his debut in Picard's command jumpsuit.
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First it's a snowglobe, then it's your boyfriend. Don't you know anything, Scott?
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It takes a certain amount of talent to make Cyclops sympathetic. Well done, Max Wittert.
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In the Christmas episode:

"You guys've GOT to check out the Danger Room!"

"The Professor changes it to the 'Manger Room' every year, Jubilee. It's nothing new."

"Oh.'s still cool..."
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I'd like it more if it was Claremont/Byrne Jean and X-men.
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Is there a top ten of "most despised heroes". And if so, does Scott top it, because if not... Who would?
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Or perhaps "most insufferable"?
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No, most insufferable would be Lobo. Most despised is totally different, and yeah, when you multiply level of despisement with time, Cyclops is waaay out in front.
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I haven't been up on the Cyclops loves Jean thing for, like, 30+ years but I kind of get the impression he's still a jerk and she's still -uh - a beautiful creature of changeable moods
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Yeah, Claremont's depictions of women are so unrealistic because they're not always shopping and confused about technology and eating candy and making pathetic attempts to hide it all from their long-suffering husbands. I always thought Jean Grey needed to be more like Cathy.
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If what you're looking for is a funny comic about a super-heroine who is a jerk, try Wonderella.
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Wait, is Lobo actually a hero now?

(Side note: the store I went to on FCBD had whatever issue it was with the "LOBO'S BACK" cover. Kinda regret that I didn't buy it.)
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Wait, is Lobo actually a hero now?

He's an antihero, but the audience is obviously supposed to be rooting for him and amused by him.
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Gang, the worst hero is who McFarlane is working on.
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The only fanfic I've ever considered writing:
Jean comes back to life (again) and realizes she needs to NOT get back into anything with Scott or Logan for a while. Spends more time away from the mansion. Goes out on her own once in a while, or at least with others besides those two.
Then she meets... either Hawkeye or Rick Jones, goes out on a date or two, and becomes wildly happy about dating someone who 1) doesn't live in the same stupid angsty mansion full of vicious cycle drama as everyone else she knows, and 2) SMILES once in a while.
Scott and Logan both naturally lose their shit. New Guy has no special powers, but has been around the block so many times he's totally not intimidated by the X-Men.
Hilarity ensues.

I grant that there would probably be a more uplifting tale in letting Jean stay single for a good long while and not be defined by her relationships, but that story idea feels like more fun.
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Listen up. Those optic blasts Cyclops has are not laser beams. They're beams of pure concussive force (whatever that is).

In other words, Cyclops punches people with his eyes. If you don't think that's awesome, I have no idea why you're reading superhero comics.
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Wow. That's gotta be the most densely packed misogynistic tropes I've seen in a webcomic this month.

Wish I could say it was longer.

And yeah, that's how you make a dick like Cyclops seem sympathetic.
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If Marvel expected me to care about Jean Grey they'd make her use a cool codename.
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Has this been posted here before? This should be posted here.
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I know it's been an FPP, but you can never have too much JL8.
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Is there a top ten of "most despised heroes". And if so, does Scott top it, because if not... Who would?

Drink The X-Men's take on this was perfect--Scott is cranberry juice, glugged straight from the bottle.

In other words, Cyclops punches people with his eyes.



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