Anything is pawsible
June 1, 2014 4:37 AM   Subscribe is a business built on growth, digital, social, disruption, & a proprietary form of smart marketing known as Smidgeo Smarketing. The bottom line? Smidgeo GETS results. Smidgeo's business model may seem complex, but there is an animated diagram so that even the worst can understand.

Smidgeo is also on Twitter, and the Smidgeo site is open source because Smidgeo believes in open source because it is a solution.

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Get motivative!
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Needs Smidgecoin.
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It just so happens that I am in desperate need of solutions!
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How did these people get their cats wedged in their business models?
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R. Mutt, join the Smidgeroti today and GET leveraging semantic solutions for maximize.
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He doesn't look like much of a fat cat, at least not yet. I'm tempted to invest my cans of tuna then.
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Wow. Finally someone has leveraged the paradigm into a modern web 2.0 app-like cloud service. This is giving me a future boner.
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I'm just an Internet-reading dumb.
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Ok I am not sure I should ask this, but is "smidge" an overused word of artlessness now?
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Can someone make a framework and/or API and/or SaaS and host it at
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I... what
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I thought Smidge was the name of the cat. I am busy leveraging.
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Smidgeo CFO ( cheif feline officer) would never be so crude as to name his startup after himself, you dumb. An investment in Smidgeo is an investment in the company itself, not to fat cat business interests. Future kibbles can only be earned by staying hungry, playing hard, hiding from strangers, hiding from competitors, climbing high, pouncing hard, and maybe accepting treats from strangers who find you.
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I don't understand what happens under the cat.
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Here's a little bit of backstory: ignignokt and I are angel investors/early adopters of Smidgeo (i.e. we feed him and provide him cardboard boxes to leverage). The cat's actual given name is Bonus Cat, and "Smidgeo" is one of his many nicknames (along with various mispronunciations of "bonus" and high-fat foodstuffs that he resembles). As I recall, the nickname just spontaneously happened, and at some point it turned into a company name and we decided he was a startup businesscat and things just took off from there. So if parts of the Smidgital Digital Smrategy don't make sense, it is either because they are too innovative for the future or because he is a cat.

tl;dr: we are weirdos who make up stories about our cats, turned up to smidgeleven.
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MetaFilter: we are weirdos who make up stories about our cats, turned up to smidgeleven.
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When is the Smidgeo Summer Concert Series, co-sponsored by Absolut and Singapore Airlines, scheduled for?
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Everybody at 23 minutes before dinner time and any time he goes in the cat carrier.
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Because selling is listening, and also moneys with learning. Smidgeo.
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