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"Pumpkin-style" watermelon carvings, and "watermelon-style" pumpkin carvings, by 'sparksfly'

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Those are so cool. I have a great watermelon salad I make for the 4th of July (just watermelon marinated in grapeseed oil and orange juice, then tossed with mint and feta), and I think I'll make a watermelon-o'lantern to put next to it this year!
posted by xingcat at 12:24 PM on June 1

I've made a watermelon jack o' lantern before, because it was july and there were no pumpkins. It rotted sooooo fast.
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Nifty. I like how most of the captions are about as descriptive as "here's another...crazy lookin'....guy!"
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The "Mouth of Sauron" watermelon made me guffaw.
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The watermelon shark is excellent! This was a great find; thanks, growabrain.

I wish I liked to eat watermelon, but just as with all types of melon I've tried, they taste a bit like vomit to me. Pretty enough, though.
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It rotted sooooo fast.

Ars brevis.

as with all types of melon I've tried, they taste a bit like vomit to me.

This is pretty much the definition of TMI.
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You can carve cantaloupes too, if you're someone who was of a mind to do that sort of thing.
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I am feeling very silly for having never thought to carve beyond the rind. And I clearly need to do Borg themed pumpkins this October!
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My favorite is the strawberry. Freak out!
posted by Ice Cream Socialist at 5:22 PM on June 1

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