Can't Say I Don't Sympathize
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This dog does not want to get up. (SLYT)
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He's made entirely of floppy legs and grumpiness.

I'm a bit sad that video is from 2012 & we don't get to see him as an adult, though.

I feel you, pup. I'm like that every morning and I don't even have anyone bugging me to get up (other than my sense of responsibility).
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Hahaha that was awesome, I liked the part where he didn't want to get up.
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Well, it's 3:30 am. I'm with the dog.
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Ha! This is like our boycat except instead of not getting up he pisses on the bed.
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I just hung out with a three month old Great Dane puppy a few weeks ago and it was great. He was SOOO not familiar with his giant feet. It was like those videos where people put boots on their dogs and they're like huh? Where feets go?
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Heeeheee. I loved the part near the end where the guy says"that's a good a boy!". Hahaha
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he also keeps saying " I don't want to hear it" but he does want to hear it otherwise there would be no video.
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"Raggy, Ri’m rust rot reeling rup ro rit ris rorning. Ri ridn’t reep rery rell rast right; Ri ron’t ro rif rit ras romething Ri rate ror raybe ris rerrible ream Ri rad. Re rere reing rased rough ris raunted rarusement rark… roh, rust ret me reep rarother rouple rours. "
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This is a pretty faithful reenactment of me trying to wake my husband up on any given morning. Dogs: they're just like us!
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My teenager (who is all legs and feet and need to sleep) just watched this and said, "that's so me!"
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The tail is willing but the flesh is week.
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It's a cute dog and I kind of like that duvet + the general situation of the the living area. A solid four stars out of seven.
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Meanwhile on TubeForDogs, a video entitled: "Mean human waking up poor puppy in middle of the night for no reason why are you up you crazy human go back to sleep let me sleep rararrwwrarararwwawarwar!"
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This reminds me of Blaze, the husky who loudly refused to go in his kennel. I love stubborn dogs.
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Then there's this one who's all about kennel time.
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This dog does not want to go to bed.
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I could make a similar video of my cats...except it would be a still photo because if they find a sunny spot they never even move.
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Just bite the fucker. Maybe then he'll leave you alone.
posted by Paul Slade at 5:39 AM on June 3

That puppy was super cute, but the guy was setting himself up for all sorts of bad behavior which may not be ideal for horse-dog ownership.
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Yea the people whose Great Dane puppy I was hanging out with (friends of friends)...I think they're going to have some hard times. Not a lot of discipline going on there. But perhaps not, they're still just puppies.
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Lyin' hound.
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