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Remedial Dungeons & Dragons
June 3, 2014 9:50 AM   Subscribe

Tired of grinding your way through overly-complicated RPGs? Looking for a game where user input is kept to an absolute minimum? If so, One Tap Quest is the game for you.
posted by schmod (90 comments total) 30 users marked this as a favorite

Nearly made it to the bossman!
posted by mathiu at 9:58 AM on June 3

Beer is the answer.
posted by royalsong at 9:59 AM on June 3 [8 favorites]

I tapped once. I quested. I enjoyed.
posted by Phredward at 9:59 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

I beat the final boss!
posted by drezdn at 9:59 AM on June 3

It's a lot easier if you start as a paladin.
posted by drezdn at 10:00 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

The beer is practically necessary to beat the game.
posted by Pyry at 10:03 AM on June 3

Metafilter: Beer is the answer.
posted by schmod at 10:04 AM on June 3 [4 favorites]

It's definitely possible to beat it without the beer, I came within a level of doing so. Harder, though.
posted by BungaDunga at 10:05 AM on June 3

lvl 6 + beer win1
posted by pharm at 10:06 AM on June 3

game clear! score 15700!
posted by scrowdid at 10:08 AM on June 3

The beer is practically necessary to beat the game.

I'd maybe substitute "hitting a power-up" for "beer" -- I've beaten it without the beer, but never without aiming for a bonus. The yellow scroll can be an effective substitute if it's towards the middle of the screen (you want to hit it after leveling a bit, and hit it in a place where it spreads across the entire map), or, similarly, a blue scroll if it's towards the top of the map (so that you can more overall distance -- one at the bottom of the map doesn't offer much advantage).

Is there some specific upside to the sword/shield, other than xp? Still puzzling about that.
posted by cjelli at 10:09 AM on June 3

beer ftw!!
posted by gkr at 10:09 AM on June 3

oh no i love this
posted by elizardbits at 10:10 AM on June 3 [4 favorites]

aww yeah, level 4 + beer
posted by specialagentwebb at 10:11 AM on June 3

And by that I mean 65xp. Not sure how I had level 4 at the end after being level 6+.
posted by specialagentwebb at 10:13 AM on June 3

Yay! (After ten or eleven tries...)
posted by thomas j wise at 10:13 AM on June 3

Most hated enemy: snakes.
posted by Pyry at 10:14 AM on June 3 [5 favorites]

posted by aubilenon at 10:16 AM on June 3

Not sure how I had level 4 at the end after being level 6+

Every blue gem around the final boss takes one level of XP [to destroy / when it is destroyed].
posted by komara at 10:20 AM on June 3

Score: 19400
EXP: 97
Ending level: 8
posted by anotherpanacea at 10:25 AM on June 3

Pshaw. IdleRPG is for real slackers.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 10:27 AM on June 3

The only thing sadder than the fact that I beat this game is that I'm now trying to improve on my score.
posted by Elementary Penguin at 10:28 AM on June 3 [5 favorites]

Progress Quest
posted by Flunkie at 10:30 AM on June 3 [3 favorites]

Score 12700
Exp 40
Lv 1
I'm trying to do a minimalist run. I don't know if that's worse or better than trying to improve my score.
posted by Hactar at 10:31 AM on June 3

Woo 19200!

The is such a simple idea but it's done so nicely.
posted by postcommunism at 10:39 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

I'm embarrassed to admit I played many times and finally beat the game still ignorant of the fact your one click did anything but start the game. I had no idea you could aim.
posted by JamesD at 10:47 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

I ended up beating it on my ~5th try when I lucked into hitting a beer (I had no idea what beer did). My initial strategy was just aiming for high slime density, which if you're going for a beer-less victory might be a good strategy.
posted by codacorolla at 10:50 AM on June 3

New challenge - what is the lowest level you've ever met the boss at?

Mine is 3 so far.
posted by charred husk at 10:58 AM on June 3

Level 1 exp 0: just find a map where the left or right edge is clear.
posted by Pyry at 11:01 AM on June 3

I won! I have no idea how that happened.
posted by ckape at 11:25 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

16500, 77 exp.
posted by mbd1mbd1 at 11:49 AM on June 3

19500 was my best last night. I have to crack 20000, have to beat waxy's tweeted high score last night.

schmod, I was going to post this but then I got distracted and then we were recording the podcast and then I saw this got posted and so I cursed your name in the podcast, so that's a thing.
posted by cortex at 11:49 AM on June 3 [1 favorite]

Level 9, Exp 106, Score 19700. Game clear. Aimed for the beer, got lucky with several teleports that got me more exp before hitting the castle.

A++ would click again.
posted by RedOrGreen at 11:54 AM on June 3

the magic system sucks.
posted by echocollate at 12:17 PM on June 3 [3 favorites]

Just realized that was a snake and not caterpie.
posted by DynamiteToast at 12:17 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

6, 77, 16900; would try again.
posted by daniel_charms at 12:37 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

Just won without the beer, with the aid of two early level boosting items and a nearly-central yellow X scroll.
posted by JHarris at 12:48 PM on June 3

18300! Got super lucky with the placements of the teleportation.
posted by Carillon at 12:59 PM on June 3

Damn, Carillon beat my multi-starburst aided 17900. This is an odd game.
posted by scalefree at 1:01 PM on June 3

I'm doing data-analysis, which involves watching a video on a laptop and waiting for interesting stuff to happen, so this is a good thing to have on the second screen.

It's strangely compelling for something with a pretty simple strategy and a huge luck component. King Inc. should steal the idea, slap a cash shop on it, and rake in the big bucks.
posted by codacorolla at 1:10 PM on June 3

level 10, exp 115, pts 20500.

It's been months since I felt this accomplished.
posted by saturday_morning at 1:15 PM on June 3

So what determines whether you can pop all the blue diamonds? Twice now I've died at the end when only half of them popped & I have no idea why.
posted by scalefree at 1:21 PM on June 3

Your level. You have to be level 10 or higher to beat the boss.
posted by mbd1mbd1 at 1:23 PM on June 3

huh that's pretty clever! I do like the mix of simplicity and complexity. Commit, damn it, no more save scumming!
posted by rebent at 1:27 PM on June 3

I like to think of it as re-rolling, not save scumming.
posted by DynamiteToast at 1:28 PM on June 3

Whoooo finally broke 20k! 20600. Now I can stop. For a while.
posted by rifflesby at 1:30 PM on June 3

21,300! ...maybe I should do some work now.
posted by agentofselection at 1:36 PM on June 3

Clear, 14700, not entirely sure what happened.
posted by penduluum at 1:38 PM on June 3

21,400! (It can be beaten without the beer but it seems less likely...)
posted by cacophony at 1:40 PM on June 3

16100. This is like RPG bowling.
posted by rouftop at 1:42 PM on June 3 [3 favorites]

Those are snakes? I thought they were ducks.

Being colorblind often makes gaming a somewhat surreal experience.
posted by kyrademon at 1:47 PM on June 3 [2 favorites]

Hitting the big-point monsters in addition to the beer seems to be key to really big scores. Like most of these super short "roguelikes" (for lack of a better term) the real resource is time. So getting a bunch of rewind scrolls is also important. I guess it boils down to hit every power up possible - get lucky with where rewind puts you.
posted by codacorolla at 1:51 PM on June 3

Has anyone killed a dragon? I killed a knight one time, I think I was over level 10 when I hit it.
posted by isthmus at 1:52 PM on June 3

Woo, won with no beer! Got lucky with a teleport.
posted by rouftop at 1:58 PM on June 3

Ok, you can kill a dragon if you're level 12.
posted by isthmus at 2:06 PM on June 3

Actually lasted longer than my usual Nethack game...
posted by jim in austin at 2:13 PM on June 3 [4 favorites]

I don't want to keep clicking but…
posted by ob1quixote at 2:26 PM on June 3

If I've been paying attention correctly you have to be at least XP level listed here to kill the monsters:

01 - slime
02 - snake
03 - purple sword octopus ghost
06 - gargoyle
07 - golem
08 - minotaur
09 - knight
10 - dragon
posted by komara at 2:31 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

(when you get killed it shows the XP level required to have killed the monster what just done killed you)
posted by komara at 2:32 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

Level 4 + 15300 + 60XP bitches.
posted by turbid dahlia at 2:38 PM on June 3

Dammit I can't get past Level 4 I think the DM is plotting against me.
posted by turbid dahlia at 2:41 PM on June 3

The big red things are dragons? Huh.
posted by scalefree at 3:11 PM on June 3

Those purple things are sword octopus ghosts? Huh.
posted by HeroZero at 3:47 PM on June 3 [3 favorites]

Level 4 + 15200 + 59XP

I'm hunting you down, turbid dahlia! It's on!
posted by brundlefly at 5:17 PM on June 3

Built with enchant.js it seems (if anybody's interested).
posted by brundlefly at 5:20 PM on June 3 [2 favorites]

No, really, I could do this all day.

More beer! More puppies!!!
posted by allthinky at 5:42 PM on June 3

Level 7 + 18700 + XP89, bring it!
posted by turbid dahlia at 5:44 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

Level 11, 120 XP, 21500

Thread hi score y'all.

The trick is to have a beer lined up with a teleport.
posted by griphus at 6:00 PM on June 3

I beat the game with my first click. "Huh? Is this an art project?"

I was less lucky with my subsequent clicks, and eventually figured out the game mechanics.
posted by sebastienbailard at 6:33 PM on June 3

The DM is completely railroading this campaign.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 7:03 PM on June 3 [6 favorites]

Man, this is really blurry on non-Retina iDevices.
posted by Pronoiac at 7:14 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

107XP, 19300. Hit the beer, both teleports, and one of the stars for very close to a full clear of the board.
posted by jedicus at 9:13 PM on June 3

Tried to do a super-minimalist run and see what happens if you hit the boss at level 9 so that your lives run out at the same moment. Turns out you just die (and the boss is left standing with one life left) and you, the player, are left to ponder your futility.
posted by daniel_charms at 11:05 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

I thought the game was going to be like trigger knight, where you click one button many, many times.
posted by sebastienbailard at 11:16 PM on June 3 [1 favorite]

I am pretty sure it isn't always possible to win? but since it is based on a pachinko machine, that is probably ok. Impressed with all the minimalist runs people are trying to do (which I guess would be speed runs as well?)
posted by jonbro at 2:25 AM on June 4

Level 1; Exp 43; Score 14300.
posted by ob1quixote at 4:14 AM on June 4

Level 11, 122 XP, 22000 points.

I feel vaguely satisfied now.
posted by kyrademon at 11:19 AM on June 4 [1 favorite]

level 11 120xp 21,100 points. I started looking for maps that had an item (usually beer) with a teleport above it. Hope for a lucky jump to a path with the other bonus items.
posted by cmfletcher at 11:45 AM on June 4

Yah the real key is getting a gold scroll at a high enough level (ideally 10) that clears the lanes of the map you didn't get, and it's usually easiest to level and grab those after a beer. Finally got 21600 today and feel like I can call it quits.
posted by DynamiteToast at 12:30 PM on June 4

This is a pretty awesome proof of concept. It sort of reminds me of stuff like the GROW RPG series for its simple surface level gameplay that can give way to deeper strategies. I had a few thoughts about things I'd change as I was playing:

>Have monsters drop power-ups, maybe? Have a few visible but the majority through drops? Something to mix up the board a little bit so that when you see a clear loser you don't just reset.

>Some sort of algorithm to make each board solvable.

>Greater variety of power-ups, obviously, I was thinking things that might give you a choice when you hit them (+party member or +level, but not both).

Altogether it's a really fun concept, though. I wouldn't be surprised to see a freemium clone in the near future that has some measure of widespread popularity.
posted by codacorolla at 2:36 PM on June 4

Yeah, it really feels like a good proof of concept for a whole new template of one-clicker riffs. My initial thoughts with it were (a) I wish it had a left-and-right pachinko mechanic tied into monster collisions, for a little more tension on a run instead of foregone doom conclusions for most runs and (b) man I kind of want to make my own.
posted by cortex at 3:03 PM on June 4 [2 favorites]

I love this. My highest so far is Level 7, Exp84, Score 17700, all due to some lucky redirects.
posted by mochapickle at 8:35 AM on June 5

18,300 is my top.

this game reminds me a lot of FTL for some reason. maybe it's that, like FTL, about half way through the game i say "Welp, time to restart"
posted by rebent at 8:56 AM on June 5

Level 2, 46XP, 14200 points
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 9:44 AM on June 5

And of course I bested that minimal run two tries later.

Level 1, 39XP, 13100 points

It is really difficult to hit the final screen at level 10.
posted by ChurchHatesTucker at 10:24 AM on June 5 [1 favorite]

20,300 YEAH!!
posted by augustimagination at 12:03 PM on June 5

Level 3, 52 XP, 14500. Is that good? It felt good!
posted by jessamyn at 8:39 PM on June 6 [1 favorite]

It takes a lot of tries just to break 18K, let alone 20K. Really, at least half of the game is just getting a good board and hoping the teleporter scrolls send you to the right places. So there's nothing bad about a score in the 14 thousands.
posted by JHarris at 10:30 PM on June 6

Level 1, 38 XP, 12200 points.

Also, according to Reddit, the teleport isn't random. It takes you about 1/3 of the screen to the left/right (depending on your position) and 1/4 of the sceeen down, so you can actually predict where you'll land.
posted by daniel_charms at 12:35 AM on June 9 [4 favorites]

I know I'm late to this party. I can't top 19800.

Re: I've liked pressing one button too
posted by Reasonably Everything Happens at 7:24 PM on June 14

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