Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a minifig?
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Flickr user Missing Brick recreates scenes from Aliens (and a few more) with Lego minifigs.
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Get away from her, you bricks!
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have you ever been mistaken for a minifig?

Assuming the default minifig is male is part of the problem.
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When I saw a square plate featured prominently in the dropship model, I couldn't help but wish its dimensions were slightly different.
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I was a little confused when I kept scrolling and saw an old Rolls-Royce and the Eye of Sauron. Are they in the Director's cut?
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Hah, the knife trick scene is gold!
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Dig a little through the related links and you'll find that other iconic scene...
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I was scrolling through these muttering to myself "damn that's a pretty sweet dropship. Damn it's studless! I'm impressed. Too bad he couldn't put the APC in thOHMYGODHEISAMAZING."
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This is a Lego video game that will not, but absolutely should be made.
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