Happy birthday Peppa Pig!
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Peppa Pig is ten years old!

Recently voted the UK's voted the UK's favourite TV programme for under fives, it has run into the occasional occasional bit of controversy – but not without making its creators a pile of money in the process.

To celebrate, why not do the quiz or check out some episodes online! My personal favourites: 1 2.
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It's blessedly amusing for a kid's show, which is good because it's on Nick Jr for like 4 hours a day. BRIAN BLESSED as Grampy Rabbit is definitely the best part of the show – the one where he's a gym teacher is my favorite.

My daughter knows very well that when you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.
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I watched my first Peppa Pig episodes the other day after hearing about how beloved she is to a particular British toddler I know.

1) her brother lost his dinosaur because he threw it into a tree! Dopey kid!

2) Peppa and her brother really like splashing in muddy puddles, but I can't fault them since they live in the UK and that is pretty much your outdoor entertainment right there.

3) the whole family snorts a lot. (Not cocaine. Just snorting.)

Anyway, watch Peppa Pig!
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Seriously though it's on Nick Jr. But like 4 episodes played over and over again. That said when peppa is over my kid hands me the remote and goes looking for the dog.
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I've been watching Peppa a lot lately sans my nieces (who adore Peppa) - I'm learning Spanish and the translations are the perfect level for beginners. That, and it's funny.
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Peppa even has her own theme park - Peppa Pig World.

I've never seen it, but even saying the words "peppa pig" seem to cause a spontaneous singing of the theme tune in small children round these parts.
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I am going against the grain I guess, because I find Peppa Pig to be the absolute worst. Fortunately for me, LittleHero only liked it for a span of about three days before getting sick of it. In this house it is all Dora, all the time.
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From the wiki article:

In an incident on March 10 2014, 2-year old Kiannah Cox was watching a Peppa Pig DVD, and in the episode titled "Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party", one scene shows the grown-ups packing boxes of plates and cups, while thinking about whom else to invite to the party. Daddy Pig mentions a pop group that Madame Gazelle was once in; in reply, Mr. Rabbit is thought to be saying this: "That's right, she played guitar with the fucking gazelles." After hearing that, Kiannah shocked her mother, Natalie Cox, by repeating the phrase. According to Natalie, upon asking her 11-year-old son where Kiannah had heard the phrase, he pointed to the DVD. At that point, Natalie took the kids out of the room and put the DVD in the machine; once she heard the phrase, she was quite concerned about how that got past the editors.[7] She then sent a complaint e-mail to Astley Baker Davies, who later replied to her saying that they would never put foul language in any episode and that there was a misunderstanding in that scene. According to the producer, Neville Baker, the line in that scene was actually as follows: "That's right, she played guitar, with the Rocking Gazelles."

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I assumed the controversy was going to be that her head looks like a... you know...
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I know! Like a hair dryer!
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Murdochian lizard Piers Ackerman says Peppa Pig foists a dangerous left wing feminist world view onto our youngsters
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There's a wit behind this that makes it watchable - not surprising, given that it's by the people behind The Big Knights. There's also Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. "I'm not a witch. My name is Mrs. Witch. Help yourself to a roofing tile. They're gingerbread! Did I mention I'm not a witch?"

Edit: And there we go again. "It's been many a moon since I've had visitors. It gets lonely with just the sea and sky for company." "How long have you been here?" "Since Tuesday."
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Personally, I ca't stand the snorting. S'like nails on a chalkboard. Luckily my little ones have never show any loyalty to the show.
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Also, if This Video is truly the scene in question... let's just say Mr. Rabbit has a very peculiar accent indeed.
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Personally, I ca't stand the snorting. S'like nails on a chalkboard.

The snorting doesn't bother me, but when the characters are eating and make open-mouth eating sounds it irritates the hell out of me. (I have misophonia for open-mouthed chewing and slurping noises.)
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Mr.Enc, he does! He's got the French/German Gutteral R.
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Oh man, I have to dissent. The only question for me is who's worse: Peppa or Caillou.
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I think I have watched every episode. I have certainly been forced to act out much-beloved episodes. And jump in muddy puddles. And sing the Mr Potato song. And bingly-bangly-bong.

Caillou is a distillation of the worst in small child selfishness ever. He is the infant Joffrey.

Mumsnet has a funny tongue-in-cheek thread discussing Peppa Pig questions like why don't the ducks talk? Is Mademoiselle Gazelle immortal?
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BRIAN BLESSED as Grampy Rabbit is definitely the best part of the show

He's good, but I don't know if he's the best part. There's Miss Rabbit doing almost every job, and there's Dr Hamster's accent, and Daddy Pig being a bit of an expert, and oh fuck I have seen too many of these things too many times.
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I assumed the controversy was going to be that her head looks like a... you know...

Daddy Pig's bristly jowls add that extra special something, too.
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I assumed the controversy was going to be that her head looks like a... you know...

Hair dryer?
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I keep waiting for Peppa to say "This is my brother George. And this is my other brother George."

Also: when did Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig meet? At what point did they decide to get together? Who else did they date in the meantime?
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My one year old is currently obsessed. He's spending his free time trying to work out how to turn the Playstation on so he can stream it himself.

I thought at first that Miss Rabbit was like, a whole clutch of Miss Rabbits, which would kind of make sense at Rabbits tend to be prolific breeders and it would make sense that there would be a whole lot of Misses Rabbit out in the world.

But no, it's just the one Miss Rabbit with a work ethic so strong you can bend teak round it. In the Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World, she still opens the supermarket and is heard to remark how silly it is that a "little rain" stops people making it in. ROLE MODEL RIGHT THERE.

I'm personally most concerned about the size of all the animals. Either Dr. Hamster is a hamster the size of an elephant, or Mummy Elephant is an elephant the size of a hamster.

I also want to know what happened to the rest of the piglets in Peppa and George's farrowings. Dark tidings in the unnamed hills.
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I also have to admit it's fun when Mr. Potato announces himself as "Your friend and mine, Mr. Potato!"

Mme Gazelle is not immortal, she has the wrinkly skin effect that all of the other old characters have.
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I also want to know what happened to the rest of the piglets in Peppa and George's farrowings.

For the answer to that, you must look no further than the sneaky moustache and overloaded van of that wide boy, Mr Fox.
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My 4.9 year old is big into Peppa Pig right now. Every morning when he gets on the bus he says "bye daddy pig *snort*" with the cutest accent.
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"Nice henhouse you got there Grampy Pig. Pity if anything should happen to it."
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So, sadly I know the question of when mommy and daddy pig met, it's in the episode where they dig up a time capsule and it shows the adults as kids in school, with the same teacher as the kids have now (I think I'm remembering that correctly). So they have at least know each other since early school days, which is not to say that mommy pig didn't experiment at university...
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There are only two images that come up when I search for "peppa pig rule 34”. I give it about three years before kids who imprinted on it when they were like two years old start changing this.
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Peppa Pig is solely responsible for my south Texas kids occasionally breaking out into a broad English accent. Especially when they see muddy puddles.
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Oh, and Calliou as young Joffery is so perfect that I will never see either of them differently again. I banned Calliou from our home many years ago, because of the selfishness and because his default voice is a whine, he can't even ask for a cup of juice without annoying me. Peppa is at least joyous, and ridiculous. Though now I'm thinking there needs to be a Calliou as Joffery tumblr or something. I wonder if there is enough crossover?
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A cafe round the corner from my house does a bagel they call the 'Peppa Pig' which comes with loin of pork and apple chutney. No word on whether they do a venison sandwich called the 'Bambi'.
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I am basicaly daddy pig with slightly less chin scruff.

Another great kids show which has come around between BabyHotBot.1 and BabyHotBot.2 is Octonauts (book, tv show).
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All I have seen of Peppa Pig is this clip, but if the rest of the show is as amusing as that, I can't object to it.
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Our two-year-old has recently discovered Peppa Pig, and now she calls us "Mommy Pig" and "Daddy Pig". I think it's hilarious but my wife is mortified.
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OMG I hate to derail, but shothotbot mentioned the Octonauts and I just had to stop in and gush about how I love Meomi (the creators of the Octonauts) and their adorable 2010 Winter Olympics mascots!!
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It's blessedly amusing for a kid's show, which is good because it's on Nick Jr for like 4 hours a day

In the UK, they have a satellite channel that, near as I could tell, plays Peppa Pig continuously.

I imagine it is what they make Alex watch in A Clockwork Orange...
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Bing Bong Bingly Bungly Boo.
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Dora, Pepa Pig, and Thomas, in that order, for my 3-y.o. granddaughter.
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Part of the show's charm is that recurring jokes get followed through. The episode where Miss Rabbit wins the Queen's Award for Industry and has to go to Buckingham Palace and everyone goes too and they all meet the Queen and end up jumping in muddy puddles with her is a genuine masterpiece in absurdist deadpan comedy.

Several of the voice-over cast were in the late-80s early-90s comedy series Absolutely, which explains something about how accomplished the deliveries are.

Also, Daddy Pig is my parenting role-model. Anyone who has to "take big numbers, transmute them, and calculate their load bearing tangents" all day and still has time to laugh and jump in muddy puddles at the end of it is a great man. Pig. Bristly hairdryer.
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Seriously I clicked on one of the episodes in the FPP to see what's so controversial about Peppa Pig's nose, and suddenly I deeply want to see what kinds of adventures this bucolic little menagerie is going to get up to at Grampy Rabbit's lighthouse.

I am thirty-three years old, goddammit.
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My daughter is SUCH a fan. I approve, and want to take her to Potato City one day.
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(by which I mean on an international flight long after she's outgrown it and I can afford it, to here)
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So I have learned that my little British friend has been to the Peppa Pig Park.

I said "I hope there's a pub in the Peppa Pig Park."
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Richard Ridings, the voice of Poppa Pig, is also the narrator in Dungeon Keeper 2.

Anyways, when my niece was 4 and we would watch Nick Jr. in the afternoon, they ran Peppa Pig and followed it with Olivia, so it was an hour or two of pig power.

No wonder I liked book 3 of the MaddAdam trilogy so much.
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So neither Peppa Pig nor any of her friends are freaked out that Mr. Fox keeps a live chicken in a cage in his weird van?
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My son loves Peppa Pig, every time George sneezes or the little cousin refuses food he breaks out in a big belly laugh.

It's the little in-jokes that make it tolerable for my wife and I. The episode the pokes fun at Miss Rabbit's many jobs, the jokes about naming everybody with the same first letter as their species.

And every time Brian Blessed shows up I want to show "Where are my Eagles!", and then my wife stares at me for several minutes.
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FFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGG is pretty good Blessed, but personally I prefer BOLLOCKS
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And his snooker commentary is also a fine thing.
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My favourite Peppa Pig episodes include "The Quarrel", "Kylie Kangaroo" (Peppa saying "do it" cracks me up) and "Whistling". Basically, any episode where Peppa is a dick to her friends is brilliant.
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I like the one where the granddads get stuck on a tiny desert island. I can't remember which one is which now, but

"Don't worry, I've been in plenty of worse situations and it's all been okay."
"Have you really?"
"No, no, this is the worst."

I have watched far too much Peppa Pig. That one and

"Daddy pig, why are you in the pond?"
"Am I?"
"Yes. There's a duck on your head."
"Is there?"

... and /All About Concrete/. I really have watched far too much Peppa Pig.
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I most enjoyed the episode that was a version of a River-crossing puzzle. There was a point where the adult viewer would assume that Mr Wolf was going to eat Daddy pig. Of course this did not eventuate, but I just about lost it anyway.
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