Cat and Basenji
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Basenjis are the most stoic dogs. I imagine Vulcans would own Basenjis.
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"Fascinating. Why does it have sharp pins on its feet?"
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Reminds me of the adage, "don't bring up a Basenji Yodel in the first act unless you're going to illustrate a Basenji Yodel in the third act."
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Yeah! Where are the basenji yodelers?


... and cats
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truly amazing dogs. for a brief time i housed two older (relatively sedate) ones that had grown up together. super-bright, aloof, fun ... but with a compulsive fetish to devour or deconstruct paper, books, boxes and, well, anything they put their mind to. a more beautiful dog i cannot imagine, but every time i opened my door up on returning home my stomach would knot up in anticipation of what i would see. some days, all was well. other days, the remains of a hardback book would be scattered ... well, everywhere. they can open doors, drawers, will not hesitate to jump up on tables if they decide they want something, and well, you get the idea. i still love the breed more than any other, and yes, the yodeling was amazing (we would yodel together). but even when well-trained, they are as independently-minded as any canine i have ever experienced.
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The first suggested video next to the one in the post has a Basenji howling (I assume that's a yodel?). The build up is totally worth it.
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To be fair, the dog started it with the poking the cat in the head a bunch. A little gnawing was just payback; that's why the dog was so accepting.
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I'm on the entertainment committee for my wife's basenji. If his breed were one bit less adorable, they would have long ago been wiped from the face of the planet.

He's aggressive to dogs five times his size. He smells like stale Cheetos (a funk he carefully cultivates). He can eat stolen food while running away, and often decides that peeing inside is better than touching a puddle outside. He likes to smell the breath of totally unfamiliar humans from millimeters away. We have a locking, stainless steel trash can, after all lesser containers failed in various spectacular ways. The only way to keep him off the couch is to turn it over. Catching one of his bass-filled baroos is harder than photographing a yeti.

We're thinking of getting another.
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When friends bite friends.
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Oh underflow, you cracked me up as much as the videos.
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While the aggressive attacking of the cat was only matched by it's technical precision, the sheer power and athleticism of the dog brushed past the defense and...oh, sorry. Still in soccer mode.

So...what's the bookmaker's odds on Romeo?
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If only Spike Milligan were here to see it.
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He smells like stale Cheetos (a funk he carefully cultivates).


I'd thought they must have rubbed that dog with catnip, that cat was so delirious, but I bet it was the "funk."

And one of the videos on the side menu said they were used in Africa for lion hunting, and showed a very short, very improbable-looking clip of a lioness backing away from an evenly spread out trio of motionless Basenjis standing at rigid full alert.

Big Cat Toy better be paying attention, because something is going on there.
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Here is a very charming Russian (so I assume) video of a Basenji howling as it stands on a piano keyboard.
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a lioness backing away from an evenly spread out trio of motionless Basenjis

I'd back away from something smelling like stale Cheetahs too.

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Mr. & Mrs. jonp72 have two mutts that are part basenji. Bandit is a combination of basenji, rat terrier, and Italian greyhound, while Smokey is part basenji, part vizsla. Bandit looks like a tiny deer, while Smokey looks what would have happened if a dingo and teddy bear had mated. In fact, a dog trainer who came to our house has dubbed them "Faun" and "Baby Dingo."

Notice I said they are only partially basenji, which means that they can bark just like other breeds, but their basenji genes give them a wider range of vocalizations than most dogs. My Bandit has even learned how to bay like a beagle and once successfully taught a papillon how to bay like a beagle too, although I have not figured out how to make Bandit do this on command.

As underflow mentions, Bandit has occasionally barked at dogs many times his size, sometimes even getting dogs much larger than him to back off, based on sheer bravado alone. On the other hand, Bandit is also so fastidious that he will do almost anything to avoid going out in the rain. Bandit's too low to the ground to be an effective food thief, but Smokey is brazen enough that she will jump onto tables three feet off the ground to steal a chicken breast in one gulp. Similarly, trying to keep the basenjis off our couch or off our bed doesn't have the slightest shred of plausibility, although they are very well trained in other ways. I'm just glad when I go through another day without Smokey giving my face a tongue bath.
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Yeah but no. Classical case of 'pics or it didn't happen'. My mind has no rest until I see what would have happened if a dingo and a teddy bear had mated.
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Yeah but no. Classical case of 'pics or it didn't happen'. My mind has no rest until I see what would have happened if a dingo and a teddy bear had mated.

Per your request, Mrs. jonp72 has graciously posted a photo album of my basenji mutts. Smokey, the bigger one, is the teddy bear/dingo hybrid, although the teddy bear aspect is more related to the texture of her fur than its appearance.
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oh *sigh*. Thanks!
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