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"Daddy is exercising his demons."
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Peter and Jane: the Lost Episodes Artist Jon Bentley revisits images from his youth.
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Peter and Jane helped teach me to read, so I was amused by these, though I’d blanch at paying £1800 for the one with the superfluous apostrophe.
posted by misteraitch at 1:56 AM on July 2 [3 favorites]

This is great. I particularly like the giant crab.
posted by chavenet at 2:08 AM on July 2 [2 favorites]

My parents share their names with the USA version of Peter and Jane (here it was "Dick and Jane"). If they were more into sci-fi they would be ALL OVER something like this.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 3:21 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

Miriam likes to make fun of Dick and Jane too.
She makes pictures a but like Jon's - but not quite as funny.
(And not suitable for mummy or daddy's office at all!)
It makes Penguin feel sad.
posted by rongorongo at 3:54 AM on July 2 [2 favorites]

rongorongo: "Miriam likes to make fun of Dick and Jane too."

posted by chavenet at 4:41 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

My instant gratification reflexes are on fire!
posted by monju_bosatsu at 4:45 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

"My grammar reflexes are on fire" .
posted by GrapeApiary at 5:21 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

I quite like these; it sort of feels like if Mark Ryden had added dialogue to his works.
posted by Kitteh at 6:00 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

love, love, love.

Although I do have a hard time with the terrible punctuation. My money, of course, is on dyslexia.

Not that it matters; some of my best friends are dyslexical.
posted by arkham_inmate_0801 at 6:55 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

I've always been a fan of this sort of thing. Although my school used Janet and Mark, I assume because it was integrated.

Yiddish with Dick and Jane

I absolutely LOVE this one, I own it, and treasure it.
posted by Ruthless Bunny at 7:16 AM on July 2

I was trying to work out if the awful spelling and punctuation were part of the joke, or just awful spelling and punctuation. I'm pretty sure it's the latter.

A typical proof-reader in the UK charges £30/hour. That's pretty small beans next to £1800 a painting.
posted by Hogshead at 7:34 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

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