Treasure Trove of Archived Concert Footage
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Music Vault - The world's greatest collection of live music. [billboard]
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This makes me very happy. (currently enjoying)
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Nobody in his right mind explores a remarkable collection of videos like this and then spends almost five minutes watching Player recite a note-for-note rendition of Baby Come Back.

Something happened when I turned 45 and I can't explain it.
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Spit has been falling out of my mouth since yesterday when I saw this release.

Where the fuuudge did they get all this material???

legendary promoter Bill Graham

My man....
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Whoa, thanks for the post! Big thanks!
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This may just be the best link I've ever found on Mefi :)
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Well, I'm not getting anything done this weekend.
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Cripes! Are you frikken shittin' me? This is the best post I've ever seen. Here, or anywhere else, for that matter. Flagged as fantastic.
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Well there goes the bandwidth cap. Thanks!

All that Grateful Dead and no where else to go for the weekend...
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I thought about posting this a couple of days ago, but I couldn't bring myself to put the hours it would take to do a good FPP on it.

Music Vault also has a kickass youtube channel now. I've been watching/listening for days. I hope the IT dorks don't shut it off. (Or the Lawyers.)

Doing Playlists of full concerts, and sometimes just one video is the whole concert
Full Wilco Concert from '96

(For some reason the Playlists often include a few removed/private videos)
Blondie '79
Talking Heads '80
NIN from Woodstock '94
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Wow. Many thanks for this!

> I thought about posting this a couple of days ago, but I couldn't bring myself to put the hours it would take to do a good FPP on it.

What "hours"? It probably took unliteral five minutes to do this post, and it is a perfect post. I really, really hate the idea that "good" posts have to involve hours of preparation and dozens of links; it drives people away from posting and makes for wallpaper posts that I tend to skip. All a post needs is a good link, and this is a classic example.
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I like this style too. I didn't mean to say unliteral's wasn't good.

I just couldn't bring myself to do it without digging into it deeper and deeper. And editorializing! And that would have cost me hours. (And I was trying really hard to pretend to be working. It's been a long week
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"No videos containing “phil collins” were found"

Best music video service ever!
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I now have another way to while away the day. Thanks for this post.
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This is just awesome. Amazed that all this stuff exists at all.
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I thought i would have to dig for stuff I'd be into, but the front page has the semi-obscure but amazing Rubblebucket! I'm kvelling.
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Holy crap.
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This has 147 views. Why. How. What.
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