Cages, craniums, and giant scary eyes
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How could this one be omitted?
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Dexamyl is especially helpful for when your patient is a carburetor.
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I remember seeing some schwag for a psychiatric medication once which showed pictures of cats painted by someone being treated. You could see a clear progression of treatment, as the cats went from barely recognizable scrawls of color and madness to plain ol' pictures of cats rendered realistically. The thing was, the early untreated painting were vastly more interesting and appealing, and the whole thing made me a little sad.
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"useful in many therapeutic settings" will be the title of my memoir.
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Though I'm on a relatively low dosage of Buspirone I'm constantly worried that it's turning me into somebody I'm not. It has actually helped me a great deal and I think it's turning me into the person I actually am when I can stop to think for 5 minutes at a time, but these pictures don't give me much confidence. I now am worried that in a few years there will be an outcry against it and now I will have to take even more to stave off those fears.

Nice link though and I honestly did enjoy it.

-Back to twitching for no good reason...
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Side effects of Loxitane® may include infuriating vagueness.

What do you expect? They don't even make it from lox.
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Metafilter: Unusual thought content - a target symptom.
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You could see a clear progression of treatment, as the cats went from barely recognizable scrawls of color and madness . . .

AKA, cats.
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I came here to link the one that thelonius did. It is a classic.
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Oh, man...Elavil. I haven't heard of that in ages.

is still in wide use. The docs used it on my mom when she was up in the geriatric psych ward.
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Side effects of Loxitane® may include infuriating vagueness.

A small price to pay for favorable trends! Do you have any idea how many families have been waiting in silent agony for some kind - any kind - of a trend? And these were favorable! Favorable!

There's just no pleasing some people.
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The worst part of treating depression is the med roulette you go through when trying to find something that clicks for you and doesn't have too many negative side-effects. At least we have better meds these days. Those 70's meds were chock-full-o-side-effects. They were pharmaceutical blunderbusses.
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Thanks - my wife is a psychiatrist and loved this.
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Nice find, Iridic. There's also this gallery of vintage psycho-pharmaceutical ads, including some for the then-new Thorazine, Methadone, and Quaalude.
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WOW! We’re not saying you should slip very powerful drugs into in your patient’s drink without their knowledge. We’re just saying if you do, do it with Haldol®!
How incredibly flippant about treating someone's health and well-being.
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Really enjoying the top ad on Doktor Zed's link. "Gramps gettin' sassy? THORAZINE!"
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Am I mefi-old if I say previously, now?
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Dexamyl is one of those amazing "don't make em like that anymore" drugs - amphetamine and amobarbital in the same pill...
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I actually like that Sinequan ad- the image is about accurate, imo.
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This is a nice visual for Thorazine
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Freebird, were they the cat pictures of Louis Wain? I think the idea that the progression of his hallucinogenic cats were necessarily tied to the development of his condition is questioned by some these days, but it's too compelling a story to die...
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I found an old bottle of Dexamyl in a heap of drugstore detritus. Boy…fun times. A night of board games with friends became positively euphoric.
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Jeez these are sinister. I like the little bouncing egg guy in the zoloft commercials much better.
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Really interesting to see these and how therapy slowly faded out of the advertising for SSRIs, a bit like how sugar cereals bill themselves as part of a complete breakfast.

This makes me realize I never really thought about when or how psychology started to transition from Freud and Jung to cognitive behavioral therapy. Are there any good books about this part of medical history?
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Sheesh, and these days we have to stick to green coffee extract, back then there was appetrol and dexamyl. From this I found that America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic was 1929–1971.
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America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic was 1929–1971

It must have peaked right around the release of Harry Gibson's "Who Put The Benezedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine."
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I love the running commentary and the casual mention that psychiatry used to humbly kowtow to Freud and the psychoanalysts.

I vote for teh eyes and teh children's drawings, plus the disturbing turtle shell.

It's tough to quickly find modern adverts for things like Xanax. Only this Daily Mail article where a clothesmaker is sued for putting Xanax on a football jersey as a style statement. WTH.

I also wonder who the blog author is, given that his blog tagline is: "NOT A SOCIAL JUSTICE BLOG! STOP ONLY READING MY POSTS ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE!"
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