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Sexy Keepers of Death is a blog which curates the paranormal and creepy whether it's fictional, debatable or real. Unsolved mysteries, antiquities, strange creatures, unbelievable events, historical hoaxes, urban legends, unnerving art and more!
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Oh god - I love this stuff! It hit's my sweet spot of fun crazy stories with just the right touch of spooky. It's nice to think that there is a little bit of magic still left in the world.
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(translation needed)
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Always Northampton.
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I am a rational adult who grew from a child who convinced himself he was abducted by aliens, communed with the dead, and aspired to become a cryptozoologists. So while I can outwardly laugh at this I am inwardly filled with delight and terror.
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Also pornography, according to SonicWall. Clever, clever sonicwall.
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Great find. I'm seeing lots of stuff I've not seen before (and I do way more reading about the weird and mysterious on the web than I should).
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Two of the front page posts involved spiders and clowns. I like the IDEA of this site, but given the spiders and clowns I'm gonna have to pass.
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If you like this, try r/creepy or r/nosleep
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WTF? yt

(translation needed)

Bulgarian: "Something crawling on the walls of houses in Samara"
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I keep expecting something to happen on the left side of my screen.
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Needs more Flatwoods Monster.
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The Flatwoods monster is a great story, but it's also really, really, really probable that it was a barn owl.
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Bulgarian: "Something crawling on the walls of houses in Samara"

Thank you, ricochet biscuit. That helped me determine that this one at least, is not real.
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I've seen the first two photos in this post, but the last one should be called "Jazz Hands with Dead Critters."
posted by Halloween Jack at 6:17 PM on August 6

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