“typical of Seuss’ late-period”
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They're not all negative, but they're definitely entertaining.

Also... MetaFilter: There's some decent information... but the style is poor, occasionally even ungrammatical, and the tone is painfully strained and patronizing.
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The Angry Book link is the same as the one above it.
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MetaFilter: "One may not wholly believe the beings they meet along the way, but the [site] holds your interest and the characters are quite charming."
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KGMoney: "MetaFilter: There's some decent information... but the style is poor, occasionally even ungrammatical, and the tone is painfully strained and patronizing."

Bless your heart. That not true.
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These are fantastic, and full of danger adventure.
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I wish I was able to read and review half the books I buy for my library. When I get a shiny new pile of books in I get all excited but then I realize I only work part time and there's no time to read them before I put them out for the kids. Novels, that is. I can flip through picture books quickly.
Anyway, these are cool.
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They're still using typewriters???
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Au contraire, cranky librarians of times past: kittens ARE recommended.
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They're still using typewriters???

Typewriters are cool, and sometimes are more suited to the writing ethic, need and mood at hand. Still own two, and already this morning have used paper and pen, a MacBook Pro, and a typewriter.
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Not to mention these are from the 70s. Typewriters were very much in use in most workplaces up through the end of the 80s, and even in the early 90s I had occasion to use the typewriter at the bank where I worked for certain things (cashiers checks, duplicate forms that were not yet computerized).
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They're still using typewriters???

Yeah, we don't use typewriters anymore.
But we, like many libraries, do have a mind-numbingly large amount of amazing data that exists only on typewritten cards like these -- these reviews are just one example.

One of the long-term, back-burner projects my group is working on is figuring out a way to digitize and OCR this stuff in any kind of useful way.

Anybody with any experience on that front, let me know, because boy oh boy, could we do some cool things if we had all that information handy.
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