Knowing where the trap is - that's the first step in evading it.
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Feints within feints. Nice find, thanks!
posted by Barry B. Palindromer at 8:11 AM on August 22

I have been laughing at Kawaii-Hulud for 15 minutes. Thanks!
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Calvin Mua'Dib is Hilarious.
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Excellent post, thank you.
posted by sandettie light vessel automatic at 8:53 AM on August 22

OMNI Reboot site is a dilating door of pop-overs and sticky menus.

The Jodorowsky’s Dune documentary is very much worth a viewing. I personally think the movie would have been a disaster if made (“I ask Mick Jagger, and he say: jes”) but it’s a beautiful record of a moonshot artistic effort.
posted by migurski at 8:57 AM on August 22 [3 favorites]

I personally think the movie would have been a disaster if made

That's funny, because less than a week ago I described Lynch's Dune as a"beautiful disaster".
posted by Steely-eyed Missile Man at 9:20 AM on August 22

Jodorowsky describing his reaction to Lynch's Dune was my favorite part of that movie.
posted by griphus at 9:30 AM on August 22 [1 favorite]

This fine post reminds me of some Second Life Dune projects. I haven't checked on 'em for years.
posted by doctornemo at 9:31 AM on August 22

Seconding the Jodorowsky docu as very much worthwhile.
posted by sandettie light vessel automatic at 9:41 AM on August 22 [1 favorite]

Jodorowsky's disaster would have been so much more beautiful, I think. His idea of a cultural ecological call to arms for the youth is lovely.

I finally finished the series with Chapterhouse Dune on the train this morning, 14 years after starting the first one. The sheer weirdness of Dune gradually eroded as you grew more familiar (and endured the eightybillionth fucking book about Idaho - should have called the series Dunecan), and the theorising became more placeholderish as he lost some steam, but he had so much charm - how many writers fuse philosophy, futurism, ecology, and grand Machiavellianism? Too few!

The final afterword about his wife and her death, understatedly summing up so many of the themes of the books in her wisdom and the real events of their life together, made me tear up silently in a carriage full of strangers.
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Jodorowsky's Dune* is an amazing film, not due to the documentary-maker's art but because Jodorowsky was born to be in front of the camera spouting pleasantly-accented gibberish. My guess is that JodoDune would be one of the least faithful yet most watchable adaptions ever made.

If you have any interest in Dune or film in general you need to see Jodorowsky's Dune.

Back on topic, I reread the original Dune novel every few years and am always impressed how ahead of its time it was thematically and stylistically. It is no wonder that it has remained popular.
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I love Lynch's Dune, and I'm not sure how much of it is nostalgia and how much of it is genuine appreciation for its aesthetic.

It is obviously, terribly bad. "Beautiful disaster," indeed. But when I was in middle school, I caught just a small clip of it on TV--less than two minutes, probably--and immediately had to know what this "Dune" thing was. I found the book and devoured it. I didn't watch the movie in its entirety until years later, but maybe I was predisposed to like it because it introduced me to the books.
posted by Kutsuwamushi at 10:19 AM on August 22

The boutique I'm involved with has a Dune section on our bookshelf. trading cards, coloring books, a kids pop-up book, the actual novels, and any other knick knacks we stumble across on ebay/thrifting. That section sells well enough that we now have to actually dedicate time to specifically restocking Dune stuff.
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Do they sell stuff online because Dune merch is a weakness of mine.
posted by griphus at 10:48 AM on August 22

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