"You can fit the cat in. If you want. If the cat wants to go in anyway."
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Watch a very good YouTube video review of a Cambridge Satchel bag by Nix T., and enjoy the cat's appearance about 2 minutes in (you can hear the cat's jingle-bell collar just prior). (Cat makes valiant effort to keep appearing in that review.) A jingle-bell can be heard, once again, at the start of the follow-up video review of another Cambridge Satchel bag. Timing is everything; the cat waits until the four minute mark to video bomb its owner. Nix T. then proceeds to make use the cat by comparing its body size to his bag.
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I have a short-haired caliby who also very much wants to be a part of everything I do, no matter how many times she is gently relocated, or occasionally less-gently relocated. She approves.
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Oh, how handy, I've been eyeballing the 15 inch satchel for a bit (in oxblood, please!), and it's very helpful to know how much cat I can fit in my future bag. (The oxblood color will help camouflage the actual blood I will bleed on it when I try to put my pointy-ended princess in there. Fashionable AND practical!)
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Video reviews of this kind are, to me, a charmingly weird little corner of the Internet. Unrelatedly, my cat walked into the frame of my last Skype-based job interview, repeatedly, and I had to keep picking him up and putting him elsewhere.

I got the job.
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how much cat I can fit in my future bag.

This is how all bags should be purchased, with this qualification in mind.
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Any time I have to hold a Webex meeting from home, Gracie makes an appearance. Usually on top of my head.
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... Well, now I don't feel slightly so weird for always expressing my luggage size in number of human corpses they could hold.
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Well, if the Norwegians can have a show about firewood, I think this guy totally deserves his own show reviewing stuff. He's definitely a star, and the cat can be his Ed McMahon. I'd be eagerly looking forward to every episode. Eg. today: review of the swiftwick socks. Now, the key is that each episode would be 30 minutes, of this guy droning on repetitively and circularly, moving haphazardly from one partial point on to the next, the whole 30 min devoted to the socks. Next episode: keychain. And so on. Of course, this would be super late TV, to be taken with an obligatory spliff. That would be a most excellent trip, with a marvellous host and his amazing feline sidekick. No guests, just this guy and his cat reviewing an endless procession of puzzling baubles. I foresee a whole lost generation addicted to late night TV, in an age of legalized psychotropics. The heart of every late night talk show is the host. Carson was the past, Leno was past past, Fallon a place holder - Nix is the future.

Nix at Night. You heard it here first. I will happily produce. Please contact me for details.
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Mind-altering in the best possible way - no other substances required. Nix at Night indeed.
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The fact that he's wearing a bathrobe is far more distracting than the cat.
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"It's hard to scratch... I've got nails" *scratch scratch scratch* the man is basically half-cat anyway
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No, his wardrobe is quite a careful decision, or seems like one. He appears to have natural talent, and his instincts are quite right. See this get up. Or this. So for the late night show, you're getting the host and wardrobe person in one. Plus, let us not forget the fantastic set decoration. That Gucci in the background, the two tone color scheme on the wall, the butterfly daintily sitting on the rail of the bed. Which means you're getting a host, wardrobe and set designer all in one, plus DP, camera op, makeup etc.. The guy's a natural I tell you.
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Actually already last year, I had this idea about a show with a great host reviewing gear in a highly charismatic way, because I came across this talent. He's great, but Nix is even better.
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(More catbomb - the cat seems to have decided to make an early appearance and then buggers off.)
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How many bags does he have???!!!
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There's a YT channel where Norwegians talk about firewood? Please tell me it is called Norwegian Wood.

Kitty does not understand why I'm always staring at or talking at black rectangles of various sizes. Except when when we watch "Birds" or "Fish" on YT via the TV. Then she gets it.

Last night I was trying to leave a message for a medical office, when directly in front of me she decided to race back and forth through the vertical blinds and then leap up on the terrarium top. (Which one of these days she's going to crash through as well as the partly glass cart it sits on. Yes, there's a reason her nickname is Boo Boo.)
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And yet more catbomb, this one quite spectacular.

Right, there are tons and tons of bags and wallets reviews by this guy. He's amazing and absolutely fabulous.
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Arrived too late to impact the What Purse Do You Carry? thread, which is too bad because it's (relatively) surprisingly affordable. (bag buyer's remorse is ongoing)
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His accent is fascinating.
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I bet you could take a really spooky nap in that bedroom.
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There's a YT channel where Norwegians talk about firewood? Please tell me it is called Norwegian Wood.

They're talking about "Nasjonal vedkveld", which wasn't on youtube, but on NRK, Norway's public broadcaster. The show wasn't called Norwegian Wood, but the MeFi post about it was.
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1. How many effing bags does Nix have?
2. How do people keep bags so pristine?
3. I like how he says, "hello, my cat."
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1. Lots. Nix has lots of bags.
2. Rotation.
3. :D Yes, I almost used "hello, my cat" as the post title.
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I'm pleasantly lost in all these videos... joseph conrad is fully awesome, I'd like to congratulate you on this find, and I admire the deviousness of your deviancy. You've achieved almost John Waters level of mastery. The cat was a master stroke in framing and absolving the FPP.
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I got the job.

Reader, I hired him.
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This is a fun channel. I'd love to have Nix help me pick out a bag!

The cat is really partying in this Birkin review.
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