No Plan
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Today would have been David Bowie's 70th Birthday, and he's released a transfixing new video, No Plan.

No Plan is one of three tracks that Bowie recorded during the ★ sessions that were also part of the Lazarus show on Broadway. Here is Sophia Anne Caruso singing No Plan from the Cast Album, recorded the day after Bowie's death in 2016.
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That was really beautiful.
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Those aren't tears just mist on my windows
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I lost my dad eight weeks ago. This hurt so much to watch and hear but also felt so real and true. Just out of view. Not quite yet.
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*hugs Made of Star Stuff*
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Putting this on the list for later (aka when I can go there). Thanks!
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I always thought there should have been a sequel to The Man Who Fell to Earth.
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This is really good: thanks hippybear. I was curious if the Foxgrove Road street sign had any significance: apparently it does:
1969 Jan: Made film Love You Till Tuesday
March: Moved to Flat 1, 24 Foxgrove Road, Beckenham
April: Met Angie Barnett
May: Started Beckenham Arts Club at Three Tuns, Beckenham.
July: Space Oddity single
(source: David Bowie: The South London Years).
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That's how it is for everyone, huh? People do watch, but once you fade into the distance like a rocket, so do they.

I love the saxophone part.

Thanks, hippybear.
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Simply beautiful.
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prodigiously creative as always; even from the great beyond. If you get the chance to see the movie "David Bowie Is" (I think distribution was limited) it's amazing because he kept everything, and you get to see all of his old notebooks, even a couple teenage sketches. Projects never fully realized, like a sci-fi movie and so on. Just boundless imagination; he continues to impress and inspire.
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Lovely song. The rocket leaving orbit kinda wrecked me.
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Here is Henry Rollins Jan 8, show devoted to Bowie, tonight streaming on KCRW, and archived.
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Happy Bowiemas!
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Holy shit.
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Oh how I miss knowing he's somewhere on the same planet as me. It feels awfully lonely now.
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The rocket leaving orbit kinda wrecked me.

It's the biggest rocket I could find,
And it's holding the night in its arms
If only for a moment.
I can't see the look in its eyes,
But I'm sure it must be laughing.
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I posted a bunch of music to my Facebook today, and in so doing I came across “Valentine's Day,” which I hadn't heard before and really liked.

Wishing you all thought, peace, and grace on this day.
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Oh, and as this is the anniversary of his death, that made today Bowienalia!

I propose we really need to work a proper festival for these dates. It's like Christmas and Easter side-by-side.

Happy first annual Bowienalia, everyone. Everyone's a hero, at least for one day.
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