Motherhood. Yay.
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The correct caption for that first image is: You dare send a wood octopus to assassinate Dog King? Fools!
posted by Going To Maine at 10:32 PM on January 26 [11 favorites]

The loose seal picture makes me honk with laughter

It is so cute

send help
posted by Hermione Granger at 11:39 PM on January 26 [4 favorites]

A classic Johnny Wallflower post, Friday is saved! :)
posted by bigendian at 2:09 AM on January 27 [7 favorites]

Definitely check dimensions before purchasing cats. Alternatively, check tags for washing instructions before drying house on High.
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:17 AM on January 27 [3 favorites]

Go for the images, stay for the comment stream.
posted by ssr_of_V at 4:26 AM on January 27 [1 favorite]

I enjoyed these, thank you!
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 5:36 AM on January 27

That poor dog mommy, she looks so exhausted.
posted by Seymour Zamboni at 5:59 AM on January 27 [1 favorite]

How is it I have not gotten a yurt for my cat all these years?

I have failed.
posted by holborne at 8:16 AM on January 27 [2 favorites]

That's more of a tipi really.

This is a cat yurt.
posted by Kabanos at 8:33 AM on January 27 [3 favorites]

These are very cute and funny, but it bugs me because I don't think all (any?) of those are real snapchat captions. Just captions that someone made to look like they came from snapchat.

Why this bothers me, I have no idea. Kind of like fake autocorrect screenshots, I guess.
posted by misskaz at 8:51 AM on January 27

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