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Woah! Great post!

I used to think I wasn't familiar with his music, but I remember once I started looking into him I suddenly realized he had been involved in most of my favorite albums. "Gram Parsons? Never listened to him" *Sweetheart of the Rodeo plays on repeat in the background*
posted by shapes that haunt the dusk at 5:09 PM on February 5 [1 favorite]

This is great, but my life won't be complete unless you do the same post with this Sin City.
posted by NoMich at 6:46 PM on February 5 [1 favorite]

Great post. Love this cover by Uncle Tupelo.
posted by about_time at 7:43 PM on February 5 [1 favorite]

I'm partial to Steve Earle and Gillian Welsh's version. Thanks for the post.
posted by cccorlew at 8:04 PM on February 5

I also love me some GP, but the documentary complicated that somewhat.
posted by rhizome at 9:37 PM on February 5 [1 favorite]

Also can't forget The International Submarine Band
posted by rhizome at 9:50 PM on February 5 [2 favorites]

Cool! I only got into GP this past year and Sin City was the portal. I saw this version that J.D. Crowe and the New South did for public television and followed the threads. For a solid month I was obsessed with getting my own nudie suit.
posted by bonobothegreat at 2:35 AM on February 6

Wonderful post! My favorite version
posted by haikuku at 4:40 AM on February 6 [1 favorite]

I love the version by The Mekons.
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My introduction to Gram was through Emmylou Harris. Her album Heartaches & Highways has a duet with Gram. Love Hurts. Been listening to him since.
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I'm partial to Steve Earle and Gillian Welsh's version
My favorite version
I love the version by The Mekons yt .

Yeah, but nah -- the essential version is the Flying Burrito Bros original, without which this brilliant post would not exist. Redolent of that smog bound L.A. of the barely post psychedelic 60s, everybody coming down from their beyond withins, looking around with sober eyes at the fear and loathing of a town gone insane, with Apocalypse looming ... yet looking damned fine in those Nudie suits
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This song was on repeat in my head immediately post-election.
haikuku that's my favorite too. I couldn't find a link but on the studio version, K.D. absolutely kills it. Gives me chills every time.
posted by piglord at 5:29 PM on February 6

Awesome post.

I came to this tune via J.D. Crowe, but didn't realize the Gram Parsons connection and all the history behind it. Thanks!
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 6:38 PM on February 6

Another good version: Emmylou Harris and Beck
posted by wmoskowi at 8:34 PM on February 6

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