Get a job, you lazy hipster.
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Cats are weird. Or so says Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant (previously)
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I don't like Lola's pro-Sengoku attitude.
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We are so not.
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cats are weird: "We are so not."

So are.

Ask my fuzzy housemate. He'll give the lie to ANY of your arguments otherwise.

(OTOH, if he was any different, I wouldn't deign to have him on the lease but not paying rent. I don't care WHAT he says about the job market and the difficulties of not having thumbs.)
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I assumed "Get a job, you lazy hipster" would be directed at the cat. Not...from the cat.
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They're good cats brent.
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I'm not sure how weird these are. For example, I don't think I'd like 15th-century feudal Japan either. And improv is really a matter of personal taste.
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I don't think I'd like 15th-century feudal Japan either.

One of my cats wants to be a Shōwa-period kaiju.
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Someone needs to tell Zeta that she's worrying unnecessarily. I mean, I agree with her but humans aren't terribly fond of living in haunted graveyards either and there are more serious things to worry about. Like humans who close doors.
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Leche has a very attractive and sensitive face. Also, a solid grasp of social and economic issues.
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How is being transformed into a cat any sort of "curse", Delores? You got a magical shortcut to the highest level of being! Now start catting right, girl.
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Right? My formerly feral girl cat just figured out, after about a year and a half of living at my house, that it doesn't get any better than this for a cat... sunshine, sleeping, brushing, fresh litter, no other animals, and all the food she wants. She is fairly apologetic for having been a pouty recluse during her first year here. Now she acts like she owns the place.

Her pet (get it?!) peeves are people wearing shoes inside, waking up, and those nasty "greenie" treats we sometimes sneak into her treatstream.

Also every night when Brian Williams comes on MSNBC she goes under the bed to hide.
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OK, well Camille and I clearly wouldn't get along.
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Last night when I was listening to Muhal Richard Abrams, my 17-year-old cat started running around and playing like a kitten. So, Mini likes early AACM jazz, and dislikes pooping in the litter box when it's full.
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