I told you we were going in deep.
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From the link text I thought this sounded like a Monster Factory post for a second.
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I have one of these on a TV in the office lobby. I know what i'm doing tomorrow.
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Still better graphics than Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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About seven years ago, out of morbid curiosity, I tried to run HL2 on a Geforce DDR (the second Geforce card ever released), which was already thoroughly obsolete. Probably the Intel HD used in the video beats it in performance by an order of magnitude.

The results were not pretty. But it was at least playable, unlike Left 4 Dead on the same hardware.
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Wow. That's some chunky blocky giant-pixel goodness right there.
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Toward the end, it starts to remind of me of efforts to get Doom to run on things like a pile of sticks or an individual key cap from an Optimus Maximus keyboard.
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Ha! I'm digging on that super-low-res texture effect in particular; it manages to go beyond original HL into something genuinely appealingly weird.
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I am extremely bothered by the way decal rhymes with fecal, according to this guy.
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Still better graphics than Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Excellent trolling. Keep up the good work!
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I noticed that too. I... I guess the frame rate is better? Is that supposed to matter? Is anyone supposed to care?
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Weren't a lot of early 3D games were specifically made to be run without textures? Or am I misremembering.
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(Not calling HL2 an early 3D game)
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Yeah, texturing your triangles costs CPU and memory and so there's plenty of early 3D that eschewed them for either or both reasons. Cheaper to just use a fast lighting model and flat colors to manage to have more triangles on screen at once, etc. Notable stuff like Star Fox, the original Virtua Fighter, Final Fantasy VII show off a lot of that transitional state of 3D where just getting it to work period was where most of the energy was going with after thoughts for things like texture decals (for e.g. character faces in FFVII) and other fancier effects coming in as side dishes. A lot of 3D stuff on the original Playstation occupies that no/few textures realm, though even there textured polygons became the norm as folks figured out how to get away with it better.
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