Jumping Penny is a peeky pupper
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These are my new favourite people. Yes, I'm including Penny in that.
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ò ó
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Everything about this is delightful.
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I don't know why this is related but it is - Chicken Plays Operatic Aria on Piano Keyboard
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There is a dog like this that we see when I walk my dog. I called him "Pop-up Dog" but it turns out his real name is "Mister Dog."

My dog is very sad when Mister Dog is not out and about so they can bark at each other. I will suggest the peeking spot next time I see his owner.
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Okay, wait a minute. I may be old and drunk, but is Penny jumping on a trampoline in the first video? She's already so damn cute that I may not be able to handle the idea of her jumping on a trampoline, but I swear I hear trampoline springs.
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That is completely ridiculous. I approve.
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You're supposed to use a pilot bit with a hole saw.
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sneaky hooman make booping spot

says peeking spot
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OK, I was expecting to see one hole for peeking. The three-hole installation is so much better.
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I would not be able to contain the booping if I had a doggie peeking in like that. I'd just be all boop boop boop boop. All day.
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This needs a mouth hole for kisses and occasional treats.
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So cute!
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Codacorolla, I thought that was going to be another dog video and was disappointed.
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I've seen a nearby house with one of these, which seems like a much more elegant solution (and won't scrub doggo's nose raw with the edges of that hole in the cedar)
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That dome is cute but so many frustrated boops and kisses!

I really need some doggo kisses right now!
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A nice thing to do for the very bored GSD next door.

A former neighbor built a SHELF on the inside of their fence, just below the top... The family german shepherd dog knew where his yard ended and that he should not leave it unacompanied. The dog would jump up to his shelf, lay down and watch the world go by. If your dog has ever taken over a strategic stair landing as his observation post, you know the look.

Most people these days never find out just how much their dogs can learn or do. Which is part of why their poor dogs are so bored.
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Is there any downside to just letting Penny come over and play?
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lagomorphius, the person who made the peeking spot for Penny said both her dog and the german shepherd are shy/dog averse and aren't interested in interacting with each other.

My shy dog loves to see what's going on in the neighbor's yards but she would poop her [nonexistent] pants if any of them tried to get her to come over to meet their dogs, so I think this is the perfect solution!
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Most people these days never find out just how much their dogs can learn or do. Which is part of why their poor dogs are so bored.
VERY true. Providing enrichment activities for your pets is super important.
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"Dogs want other dogs, people can be an acceptable substitute".
(Cats want mice.)

Beldar went to school with me at 12 weeks, had very few days he did not get to be at a dog park or otherwise socialize with neighbor/other family dogs. The whole "afraid of other dogs" thing means they did not socialize with other friendly, well adjusted dogs early on, a deprived puppyhood.

When dogo is about half the length of a station wagon and can get your whole leg in his mouth without straining, best he be happy and well socialized. But they ALL should have this...
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The squeaking was a squeaky toy employed by the woman filming specifically to wind Penny up and get her to do the jumping trick. Kind of a mean way to taunt the poor pup, imo, but I'm more of a cat person, maybe dogs view such actions differently.
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Yeah bert2368, I agree, in a perfect world all dogs would be completely outgoing and confident and we should all work towards that, whatever. But it's not like every owner of a shy dog should be chastised; for example, I adopted my dog at age 8 and don't know much about her past, but her confidence isn't very high even after three years of positive reinforcement. Sometimes dogs aren't well socialized despite our best intentions, so can it just be a delightful thing that someone did for their neighbor's dog without us judging them for whether they've had the luxury of exposing their dog from day 1 to various stimuli to create a relaxed pup?
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That peeping setup is fantastic. I like the dog porthole that JoeZydeco linked to, but it needs some holes for sniffing
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Yeah, the dome solution would work better if it had holes. Smell is really important to dogs.

That was a very kind thing to do for her neighbor's dog.
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One of my dogs liked to lay on her belly and watch the people behind us through the gap under the fence. The people covered the space with a board. I hate them now.
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I've been thinking about sawing a head sized hole in our front fence (which is flush with the front of the house) so our elk hound can survey the front yard instead of just down the driveway under the fence.
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