A Hero for our times
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The best video you'll see this weekend is Sara Carson and Hero the border collie freestyling to "Faith" by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande [ridiculously catchy music; h/t Miss Cellania].

Sara got him as a wee bairn in 2011 and soon had him doing puppy tricks. Now the two are doing tricks across North America [all videos have bright music].

The Super Collies website has more about Hero and his buddies Marvel and Loki.
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Made me smile, Johnny Wallflower. Thanks for posting.
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Oh, what a good and happy dog!
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Well, that was awesome. It made me smile.

While I was watching it, my cat tapped me on the shoulder wanted to climb down into my lap and I turned to her, pointing at the video, and said, "Well, can you do that?" She just looked at me. And then down at my lap.
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TIL there's a Dog Dance World Championship.
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Fuck yes.
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How joyful! What a great pupper!

Meanwhile, at my house...
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It made me cry tears of joy.
Johnny keeps on delivering the goods!
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That's the happiest dog I've seen in a long time.

And so well trained and clever too!
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Some dogs make it difficult for all the rest.
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Woman's best friend.
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Not the best, but pretty damn good.

wonders if there is any space in Hero's brain left for boring tasks, like fetch and not pooping indoors...
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I think I made the first MetaFilter post about dog dance long ago, though of course the link is long since broken.
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Another cool dog
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Good dog, Brent! 14/10.
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it is your fault that my dog is going to be irate with me- I already make her "pander to mommy" by jumping over my legs. Next level hoooo!
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wonders if there is any space in Hero's brain

My understanding of border collies is that if you don't require elaborate choreography of them, or some other composite task that is both complex and physically manic, they will be dreadfully bored.
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Sara Carson uses shock collars in her training. There was an uproar about this on FB a couple of months back. So maybe not-so-happy dogs.
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I'm not finding info about her using shock collars. If true, my tears of joy seeing this will change to tears of sadness, but where's the link/source?
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Yeah, while sadly all-too believable, an accusation like that one merits a big ole [citation needed].
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you can't get that obvious adoration and obedience out of dog if you mistreat it. My heeler/lab mix was perfect - almost 100% and welcome everywhere, including work and bars. If I raised my voice at him he would roll his eyes and ignore me.

My current heeler is the same- you can get her to do anything for a treat, but the slightest disrespect and she will slink off into a corner.
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She posted a photo on social media of one of her dogs and someone noticed it was wearing a shock collar and it was posted to a FB group. Kerfuffle ensued. She's young and hopefully learned from the discussion and reaction that this 'method' is controversial-to-unacceptable in the pet world.
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Social media is on the internet, where we can usually link to things. Link?
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