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Kava Kava A natural herb with benefits and dangers according to scientific and medical research is linked to lowering hypertension, reducing stress and anxiety naturally.

Kava Kava an herb that has been used in Oceanic colonies for thousands of years, is currently being sold in pill, paste or powder form. Natural properties include lowering anxiety and reducing stress, yet is banned in some places including the country of Poland. Studies by Harvard, indicate it can alleviate stress and anxiety naturally. The University of Maryland suggests it has shown successful in 7 trials yet the also indicates that there have been 25 linked cases to liver failure. A German study was released several years back indicating many dangers of Kava Kava and led to the country banning it, but since retracted by court's opinion. Due to calming effects many sites and studies report you should not combine with alcohol or take with other drug combinations.
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Ganja is a billion times better.
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