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Perspectiva Corporum Regularium: that is, a diligent exposition of how the five regular solids of which Plato writes in the Timaeus and Euclid in his Elements are artfully brought into perspective using a particularly new, thorough and proper method never before employed.

The entire book is available on the Internet Archive.

When Wenzel Jamnitzer wasn't producing mysterious tomes of speculative geometry, he built some pretty wild cups.
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It's always wonderful when people out in the world go out of their way to make things specifically tailored for my personal interests.
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I spent a certain part of my youth making tagboard models of Archimedean solids. Definitely relevant to my interests.
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I've been fascinated by the Perspectiva for a while, but didn't know it was up at the Internet Archive: thanks for the post, theodolite. A lovely little paperback edition of it was issued by Ediciones Siruela of Madrid back in 2006: seems like it's out of print now though, alas.

There must've been something in the air in late 1560s Bavaria, as it was a time & a place that saw not only the appearance of Jamnitzer's treatise, but also Lorenz Stoer's Geometria et Perspectiva and Hans Lencker's Perspectiva Literaria.

Jamnitzer's grandson Christoph kept up the family tradition of pretty wild cup manufacture, notably with his Mohrenkopfpokal. The younger Jamnitzer also produced a mysterious tome of his own, in the shape of the exuberantly weird Neuw Grottessken Buch [self-link].
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