"There are plenty of other fishy names in the phone book."
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Fish Story is a fourteen minute video documentary where Charlie Lyne tries to find out whether his friend Caspar Salmon's grandmother, Pauline, was invited to an event in Anglesey in Wales, along with other people with fish surnames, to be given a salmon by weatherman Sir Michael Fish.
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"Trawling through the directory" snerk
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The real Fish Story
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The real Fish Story
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This was a good li’l documentary and I am pleased it exists.
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One real fish story is the life story of Preserved Fish.
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Best of the web indeed. Brilliant!
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Best of the wet.
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Extremely enjoyable and beautifully filmed. Wonderful approach to storytelling.
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I really enjoyed this- the visuals are just enough to hold your attention for what is, effectively, a series of phone calls with only a few on camera interviews. It's a nice playful aesthetic.

Loved all the puns. (As can be seen as I stopped watching part way through to quote one from a member of the public who receives a phone call!)
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That was absolutely hilarious although I was irrationally scared that it might end with the director telling Caspar Salmon that his grandmother was a liar...

The visuals with all of their subtle fish humor were awesome, and I loved hearing Caspar's reaction to everything.
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For everyone who says there's no such thing as good investigative journalism anymore ...
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Brilliant payoff! The coda grants this boon from the sea: Rachel & Nicki, "(I Wish He Was Like) Michael Fish" (1985).
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