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Young Actors Keep Ignoring Amitabh Bachchan's Texts And It's Twitter's Most Baghban Ongoing Saga

(baghban, as I understand it, literally translates to 'gardener', but colloquially means the leader of the household, the caretaker)
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This might be the funniest thing I've read all week.

(For context, in the 70s and 80s Amitabh Bachchan was the single most enormous movie star in Bollywood and possibly on Earth; he was and is famous on a scale that more or less doesn't exist in Hollywood. He's not the biggest star there is anymore - that honor probably goes to Shah Rukh Khan at this point - but he's still a huge deal, and an elder statesman for the entire Indian film industry).
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Someone get this guy on WhatsApp. Sheesh, SMS.
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i read this almost 2 hours ago and i'm still wheezing over it. what makes it has to be all the damage control from the younger stars. it's that extended family dynamics with tht one distant but influential uncle you don't want to piss off, but with added celebrity aura.

tbh that sense of filial piety seems to be a common feature for asian celebrity circles. i remember in my stringing days and being sent to cover some event, and the younger starlets were rushing to shake the hands of the elders who were present, and not western-style, but the malaysian style, with the soft wrists and a kiss to the hands and cheeks.
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omg, I'm both delighted and appalled. Delighted because International Film Star Amitabh Bachchan sends sweet birthday texts to the assorted younger stars of Bollywood, of course he does, of course he is the kindly yet terrifying eldest uncle of Bollywood. Appalled because WHY DON'T THEY ANSWER HIS TEXTS?!?! He is an ELDER, and Amitabh Bachchan besides! RUDE. Get your lives right, Ranveer Singh, Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, etc.

If I got a birthday text from Amitabh Bachchan, I would answer immediately, is all I'm saying.
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I love this story. I know literally nothing about any of the principles but the context Itaxpica provided is all I need. Holy crap.
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The Big B for those who want to know more, also played God but naturally, and hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who wants to become a billionaire) where people would participate JUST to meet him IRL

Me, I have had the hots for SRK ever since I first saw him give me a come hither look in that disgustingly adorable style
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The wife and I dip our toe into the occasional Bollywood film, and I love that ol' Uncle Amitabh isn't afraid to drag the young ones out and put them on full blast in his own inimitable way. It's a genteel reminder that he's been doing this longer than most of them have been alive, if not twice as long.

As an aside, looking at his Twitter feed, I can't understand what the T #### prefixes are on his Tweets. Anyone have an idea?
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MMMD - The internet says he's in the habit of counting the number of days he's been using various social media tools, and does the same thing on his blog and on Facebook (he's on FB 1685 over there).
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Now I want a road-trip movie with him and Bill Murray.
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Honestly, the end of the article where the youngsters apologize desperately is the happy ending I didn't realize I needed.
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And the numbering his social media days is charming and weird and I'm seriously considering picking it up as an affectation.
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Misread this for a moment and was confused, thinking it was about MeFi's Own.
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This is ah-mazing. Never ignore the Big B!
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I needed this on a dreary Monday.

I don't get it, what level of famousness do you have to be to get a message from AMITABH BACHCHAN and just be like "*tick mark* seen"? I am glad he got the grovelling apology he deserved.
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Infini: Me, I have had the hots for SRK ever since I first saw him give me a come hither look in that disgustingly adorable style

I've never grown out of my adolescent crush on SRK. There's this thing he does in almost all his movies where he'll be wearing a sherwani and he'll casually toss one end of his shawl over his shoulder - I'd put in a link but I can't find a still and I'm at work and can't trawl youtube at this second. Anyway, I am a SUCKER for it.
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I don't get it, what level of famousness do you have to be to get a message from AMITABH BACHCHAN and just be like "*tick mark* seen"?

It is not possible to be this famous. It is only possible to be this fatuous.
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His messages are exactly like my dad's. I really need to start a "Shit my brown dad says..." twitter account.
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