Make and share your own Mega Man levels!
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The just-released (and unfortunately Windows-only) Mega Maker allows players to use a simple interface to build and share Mega Man levels using selected assets from the original games. There's a trailer here and you might want to read this interview with the creator about his process, comparisons to Mario Maker, and why he's not concerned about the possibility of a DMCA takedown.

I'm definitely hoping to see some folks posting their level IDs here.
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I, uh, should've mentioned that this is free and not a commercial product in any way.
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Thank you! I had no idea this was a thing; I'll definitely post levels here once I've played around with it!
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A shame it's Windows only or I'd be all over it.
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This is so cool! I really hope Capcom's lawyers don't decide it needs to be C&D'd.
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Redditors report some success, some failure in wine.
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I have to say, it would be neat if you could modify robot master behaviors. Maybe using blockly or something.
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My kid was so excited about this he woke up early today. He was able to get it working fine on my Mac with Wine.
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I'm given to understand that Mega Maker is basically a UI and map sharer for Mega Engine, which is far more powerful but also harder to use. That might be a way to go if you want more control.
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I just came in here to say that this is an excellent post. And also, Mega Man 2 is one of the greatest games of all time.
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I made a level called Nova Akropola. The ID is 24482.
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It took a while, but I finished a level that's an extended recreation of another Capcom NES classic which I won't spoil too much before you play. The main thing about it, and I wish there were some in-game way to indicate this instead of just having to look in the item menu, is a lot of it depends on using the new pogo aspect of the Top Man weapon.

My level is The Moon: ID# 56248
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Also, Pope Guilty, I just played Nova Akropola, and it's really good! I like how it has the back-and-forth structure of classic Mega Man levels. Thanks!

Just a heads up for everyone, for some reason when I did a search for it and my own level I couldn't find it by ID, but I could find it by searching by the name. I might just have been searching wrong though?
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OH WAIT never mind I figured out how to search by ID in the misc menu, sorry.
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That was really neat, elsilnora! A really interesting conversion and use of the Top Spin.
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New level, "Across the Falls". ID is 58405.
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Pope Guilty, Across the Falls was great! The section where you rise up the falls on the platforms was definitely my favorite; I made it through without dying the first time but died getting the E-Tank by the Sniper Joe in the next horizontal section, then I died on the spikes the next three times up the falls, and then made it through to the end. That whole segment balanced challenge with accomplishment really well, I thought.

I'm working on another level that's a similar conversion as my first one now, before I try an original layout. I'll try to post those when they're ready!
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So I finished my second level, Transylvania: 76468. This one I'm a little embarrassed by, not by the stage itself, but because after I uploaded it I found two other stages that were ALSO recreations of Ducktales' Transylvania level. Some parts of each of them use similar solutions/substitutions to the ones I used, which I guess makes sense, given the limited number of options in Mega Maker and which ones make sense mapped to Ducktales.

I happen to think mine makes the best conversion, but I WOULD think that, wouldn't I?

I haven't played every level I can find with "Moon" in the title, so I still haven't found another recreation of the Ducktales Moon level.

It... might be time for me to start working on more original levels.
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