Everybody needs one
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Puppy needs hug from cat. Different cat tolerates many puppy hugs. Pig and cow boop. Owls canoodle. Lots more at AnimalsHugging.
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I had a terrible day today and it is still going but this post is giving me a much needed break from the crazy and I really appreciate it. Thank you, Mr. Wallflower!
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Interpretation 1: Kitten hugs dog.
Interpretation 2: Kitten - "You are mine now."
Dog - "...help...me..."
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I'm sure there is a good chance I saw this from a prior JW post but cat hugging kit having bad dream is too adorable not to watch again.
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This was especially poignant with three cats at my shoulders and a doge at my legs.
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On a related fuzzy-critter note, red pandas would be a lot more intimidating if their default threat display didn't look like they're saying "HI! WANT A HUG?".
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"everybody's hugging!"
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I hadn't seen that one, biffa. Moms are the best.
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Feral "Grandpa Mason" cat snuggling orphan kitten. Mason + pile of six sleepy kittens at the end. Another good one from TinyKittens.
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Here's Duncan Lou Who (previously) and Mudbug Pug having a hug session [FB, sorry].
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I thought it was more like, "Settle down there squeak toy, I'm trying to get a nap here. Now be a good blanket."
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