Oh What a Feeling! (SLYT)
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Dancing on the ceiling, the floor, the walls, the parade float, the everything... 80's style The mash-up of 80's movie dance sequence moments you never knew you needed. Sure, you've got your Footloose, your Madonna, your Dirty Dancing, but stay for your Stayin' Alive, your Xanadu, and all the other clips you forgot you loved.
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I can't believe how many of the stars in that clip are gone.

I'm getting old.
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Nice try, but a video of dance scenes from 80's movies and no Steely Man of Action? Sorry, you'll have to retake the exam.

(I think I've seen every one of the movies in that clip. Damn, I hate the eighties.)
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I can't believe how many of those movies I know and could instantly identify - pure rush of nostalgia for me. Even for the crappy movies : )
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An awful lot of people in that video have a Bacon number of 1.
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Oh, and my comment above wasn't a gripe about the post. It's nifty. It was a gripe about how I spent my time in the eighties. Shoulda danced more I guess.
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Backspinning gremlin FTW!
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Shoulda danced more I guess.

I was a breakdancer and it was awesome.

(True story.)
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I did see every one of those movies. Damn, I LOVED the eighties.

wish I could go back. sigh
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Much like the 80s, this collection is way too white and has too much Tom Cruise
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That is the only Dancing With The Stars I'm interested in watching. *

* Not true. I will YouTube the hell out of Debbie Gibson's appearances.
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Needs more Fandango.
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I had kind of a rough day today and this made me smile the whole way through. Thanks for posting!
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So much happier to watch a collection in which I recognize more than one or two of the movies.
I kinda dropped out of watching movies around 1992, so most movie posts usually don't do much for me.
Barf! Wyld Stallyns! Swift brown fox jumped, over the lazy dog, Sir!
Yes, this is my wheelhouse.
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Oh, I had bookmarked this post to watch it when I next needed cheering up, which turned out to be now. But I get "this video has been blocked in your country on copyright grounds" :(
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My wife and I still dance like that. Just in the kitchen now, though.
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Me too, lollusc. Stupid copyright. What was the point of signing the free trade agreement if we can't watch amusing video mashups on YouTube?
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