“And yes I threw hot soup in this mans face and kicked him”
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Recently, video emerged of a man shouting racist slurs while riding the New York City subway. Subway riders confronted the man and forced him out of the train. The footage also shows someone throwing soup at the man. NYC rapper Princess Nokia (whose real name is Destiny Frasqueri) has tweeted that she threw the soup.”
I be damned if i let some drunk bigot call a group of young teenage boys racist names and allow him to get away with it”

Princess Nokia “identifies as a bruja and a tomboy, a classic New York Boricua shorty, a feminist, a queer woman who isn't burdened, but empowered by her complexity.”

She has recently released her first album 1992.

“Growing up in the 90s was the coolest thing to me. Listening to metal with my gothic babysitter, dancing to Kriss Kross, hanging out and listening to the music at the block party downstairs from my house, the cartoons I’d watch, seeing black representation and Latina representation on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, going to summer camp; oh, God, it’s so vivid, so significant.”

Mini doc about Princess Nokia by Fader.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Sorry for the delayed delete - this seems like two posts, one about this guy and his yelling (and whether it's ok to punch Nazis, and whether the guy is mentally all there, and whether it's ok to debate that -- which are all themes we've had quite a few threads on and don't really need to retread).... and a second one about the rapper Princess Nokia. Might be better to try again later with just the latter post and separate it from the first. -- LobsterMitten

I saw this video last week and I can't say anything but that I would like to buy this lady some replacement soup.
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I am completely in favor of the ensoupening of racist assholes.
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Ensoup Nazis.
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consommé-tum est?
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But, no, seriously, I think we need time to take stock of what actually happened.
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stop dissing the broth-ers
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Good to see he was bisquely removed - in fact, borscht - from the carriage. NY don't allow boullion their trains. Gazpachoutta here, chowderhead!
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(This video was extremely hearty and satisfying.)
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“I will happily be the GG Allin of the hip-hop world.”

That guy was lucky she only threw soup.
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"No Extra soup for you!"
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I'm Dinty Moore and I approve of this message.
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This is some pretty impeccable anti-racist praxis.
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Like Princess Nokia wasn't already enough of a fucking boss, now she's the fucking capo di tutt'i capi. <3 would that we all could throw hot soup on some racist motherfuckers.
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Who's the guy?
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Um, he's a lawyer. He went to NYU Law School.
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I could be wrong but boy this seems like someone suffering from mental illness more than anything else.
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To recontextualize a comment from the twitter thread: sometimes someone's purpose in life is to serve as an example for others.
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Ah yes, because shitty men who say shitty things are always mentally ill, instead of shitty people.
How about we not got down that road hmmm?
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I could be wrong but boy this seems like someone suffering from mental illness more than anything else.

As a crazy person (I'm sorry, a person living with craziness) I'd like it very much if people could not reflexively attribute every instance of shitty behaviour to mental illness.
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Well I guess ill be the one to break up the schadenfreude for a bit. Violence as violence reduction strategy has a pretty poor track record on both small and large scales. As a progressive I always feel uneasy when I or my fellow tribespersons are filled with the same bloodlust that we associate with that *other* tribe. Part of what it is to be human sadly.
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From the article:
"He was actually a normal human being at one point, who had a good, well paying job, but he degenerated into what you saw in the video after years of alcohol and drug abuse," the source said. "He's a skateboarder, and he's been knocked out, not unsurprisingly, many times. He often begs people to hit him."
That certainly sounds to me as if he has mental problems and isn't just "a shitty man who says shitty things". But regardless, the passengers shouldn't have had to put up with it. I just wish there were a better way to deal with it.
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Why is that guy standing in front of Lawson with his forearms crossed in front of his forehead?
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This language is racist af
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Wrecking ball that is absolutely and unequivalently incorrect. Though my phone did change person to men which i changed back prior to you post being posted (not that I imagine you would believe).
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