The clouds part. The sky cracks open.
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In a jurassic park. In the army. At a school, with megaphones. For ten hours. Having a cry. Destroying New York. Destroying a planet. Floating down here. Without actually being present. In a compilation for easy, bulk viewing.

This is the high energy, bridge portion from “Big Enough”,recently, previously an otherwise restrained song by Australian pop star/jokester Kirin J Callinan, and the moment that has successfully gone viral. The cowboy ghost is played by Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes (AO) who screams a fair amount in other songs, and the woman by hardcore whistler Molly Lewis. It has since become a dank meme.
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Yes...this is what 2017 sounds like.
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Aaaaaa brain is melting aaaaaaaagh what.

Ok, so, I love quirky and theramins and whatever, but when I clicked on the "hardcore" link and Molly started whistling, I couldn't not start giggling. And then the housemate's dogs started barking and growling, which didn't help with the not laughing at all. And then the neighbor's dogs started barking and I really started chortling and I had to pause the video and give it all a minute to settle down.
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Somehow fitting that 2017 now has a "scream-along" anthem.
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I came to metafilter to escape "Dank memes", but I guess this is how people get entertainment now...
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Jimmy! (All Australians of a certain age grew up with Cold Chisel and Jimmy's screaming/singing). It's only when you see it out of context that you realise how weird it really is).
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Man, Jocelyn Brown looks really different these days.
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This is so majestic.
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OMG! The Full Metal Jacket one (the "in the army" link, even though FMJ is USMC) is spectacular.
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Meanwhile, in ancient Galilee...
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Like a giant man screaming in the sky, the FMJ one dwarfs the other contenders.
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Needs the Barnsey tag.

I happened to be near his dressing room once when he started warming up. It is very loud.

Back in the Chisel days it was more melodic but just as powerful. In this clip (where in 1981 they ungraciously accept they will never make it in the US) you can believe he's outsinging the band unamplified.
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I guess Jimmy's hat doesn't fit very well?
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this is the weirdest robert plant solo album yet
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I'm surprised this hasn't been mixed with the Rick and Morty screaming sun yet.
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Please, please, please won't somebody mash this up with The Great Gig in the Sky?
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I'm surprised this hasn't been mixed with the Rick and Morty screaming sun yt yet.

Your happiness awaits inside the "dank" link in the FPP.
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I come to metafilter to escape the shit-show that is current US society, and this is a fine way to get that entertainment...
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One of the few things I collect is miniature kirins, and I am unsure what to think of this. At first. And then, on reflection, I approve, and I think the kirins do too.
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Roger Whittaker could have done both parts in his prime.
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I need this to be my ringtone
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I have made this my ringtone. AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH!
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all i got to say is mama don't let your cowboys grow up to be babies
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I voted yes.
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Still waiting on:
  • "Hello" overdub
  • Dr. Strangelove
  • 800% longer
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Well, I solved my own 800% longer problem.
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Well, I solved my own 800% longer problem.
It's like Vangelis bought a sprinkler system.
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