To swear is human; to moo, bovine
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Who can resist adorable baby cows? Not these dogs and humans. Older cows are pretty fun, too—and give excellent face baths. Aw heck, just watch this compilation of charming cows. [Most videos have cheery music]
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Quite a-moo-sing... in fact, I'd say dairy a-moo-sing...
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…and lives in the house?

Please, please tell me cows can be housebroken. 'Cause otherwise…ew, just ew.
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A friend told me he was once making his way back from a country pub to his tent, along a lane in complete, moonless darkness. He paused at the gate of a field to steady himself, and a cow he hadn’t even seen in the darkness suddenly gave his face an enthusiastic lick. The most terrifying thing that ever happened to him, he said.
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Oh! What a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that this picture exists!
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And also this video of these happy ladies!

Thanks Johnny, cows are great!
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When I was 6 my mother learned me the most fun way to eat an apple. Here's how it works. You take an apple and you put it in your pocket. You go to a field with cows. You enter the gate. Then you start running around in large circles. At one point one cow starts running. Then the others start running too. If all the cows are running around in a circle, you hop on the gate and eat your apple while you watch the cows run. If you finished your apple before they stop, you've won.
Cows are fun.
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Oh! What a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that this picture exists!


i was expecting the canonical why he lick me image which is also delightful but not quite as delightful
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Cows are fun.
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Oh my God now I'm giggling at my phone like it's a salad
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Baby cows!

Very early one morning I was out walking my dogs and came across a large field with cows in the distance. We stood there and watched for a while until the cows noticed us. Gradually, all the cows made their way over to us until we there were about 30 cows lined up along the fence. They all stood there calmly, staring at us in the early morning mist.

It was kinda wonderful and terrifying at the same time. Such huge, gentle creatures.
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Soundtrack to the thread
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Oh are we doing cow songs?
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Cow songs?
Couldn’t resist, everything’s better with TMBG
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Buff your beef !
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I would like to contribute!! I LOVE cows. I already said this up here but it's still relevant, I went to the zoo a couple weeks ago and found out our pair of dexter cows are sisters! They love each other it's so cute.

Heart cow with blep
A gift for you
hello to feline friends
more heart for loving
flower fields
dog bed is for cow now
a variety of fluffy boys
good morning mountain cow
big sniff
momma lovin
forest friends*
loves brushin*
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Great post.
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Please, please tell me cows can be housebroken.
Well, minus the occasional splattering noise, and the broken house, I guess they can.
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Seeing the ear tags and thinking of their futures makes me sad.
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Soo, Dudley would have been steaks except he lost his foot and now he gets to be a pet?

Anyhow, these are all so cute and lovely and thank goodness I don't eat cows (sorry, y'all).
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We live in the countryside of Wisconsin and our exclamation upon exiting a vehicle or building is a deep sniff, followed by "Smell that dairy air!"
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Cow songs previously
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big sniff

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Aww, Happy Hens and Highlands (source of many of these photos) has helped keep me sane lately. Baby James, the house cow, is the best (he was wearing a diaper while he lived inside since he was sick, but I believe he is well enough to live outside now).
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Lovely cows :-(
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Big Pupper Wants All The Cuddles

this is what inspired the post, actually
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This New Probiotic Makes Cow Burps Less Damaging To The Climate
It’s clear that the long-term solution to curbing cattle-derived methane, which accounts for around 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, is to roll back our cultural dependence on meat and dairy (perhaps switching to plant-based alternatives like Ripple Foods’ pea-based milk and the Impossible Burger), and dramatically scale down large-scale farms. But in the meantime, a new product aims to act as stopgap.

Mootral, a new natural feed supplement from Zaluvida, a biotech company that tackles health challenges ranging from antibiotic resistance to livestock emissions, claims to instantly reduce cow methane emissions by at least 30%. The powdery supplement, which is compressed into pellets and mixed into cattle feed streams, is made of two basic ingredients, garlic and citrus extracts (the exact formula is proprietary). Zaluvida’s team of researchers have found that the two compounds combined improve cows’ ability to digest without emitting excess methane in the process. While cow farts are often blamed for the bulk of their methane emissions, it’s really their burps that are the culprits–and that is what Mootral is most effective in neutralizing.
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