Roy Halladay dies plane crash
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Roy Halladay, former pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies, has died in a plane crash off the Gulf coast of Florida. Halladay is one six pitchers to win a Cy Young award in both the American and National Leagues, and only the second person to throw a no-hitter in the post-season. He was 40.
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Loved watching Doc pitch.
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Damn, that's awful.
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The guy who went to the zoo with Roy Halladay is going to be gut punched by this.
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@zoowithroy (twitter) was literally the first person I thought of when I heard the news.

RIP, Doc.
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He was awesome.
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What a tragic loss. He seemed like a great person in addition to being a great ballplayer.
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His perfect game was one of the most amazing moments in sports I've ever watched.

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I loved it when Doc took the mound.
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I remember coming home late from work and hearing the Doc pitched a perfect game. I stayed up to watch the replay.

The dude was a monster. I was dissapointed the Phillies bats couldn’t come through and get him a ring. He certainly did his part.

Great pitcher and a great guy. RIP.

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I've got a lot of memories of watching Roy pitch and a lot of feelings right now. I've been crushed all evening.

This Ringer piece comes closest to explaining exactly how good Doc was, how influential, and how focused/serious he was as a player and how it melted away and how fun he seemed once he retired. As the article points out, there are intense players, and there are well-liked player, but very few are both. Halladay was both
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I know Phillies fans have a rep for being a tough crowd, but we loved the hell out of him and are FUCKED UP over his untimely death. Rest in peace, Doc. Damn.
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This is the second Icon A5 crash this year.

The previous one, in May, killed two Icon engineers. The NTSB report determined the probable cause to be "the pilot's failure to maintain clearance from terrain while maneuvering at a low altitude."

Halladay's own tweet from October 31st: "I keep telling my dad flying the Icon A5 low over the water is like flying a fighter jet!"

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I'll always remember him best for coming within one out of no-hitting my Tigers (in just his second big-league start!) for Toronto on the last day of the '98 season.

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Godspeed Roy.

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This is the second Icon A5 crash this year.

Second fatal crash; there was another crash in Miami earlier this year, but the people were uninjured. I believe that Halladay got only the 23rd Icon A5 to roll off the line when he got his less than a month ago. There are almost 2000 people with deposits in on the wait list.
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Tyler Kepner's essay in the NY Times was a really nice remembrance.

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Second fatal crash

Thanks for the correction. I saw the A5 at Oshkosh and there was a ton of enthusiasm around the aircraft. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if there's something inherently flawed about the thing, or if the plane itself encourages riskier behavior.
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40 is too damn young.
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Plane in Roy Halladay fatal crash made by Vacaville’s Icon. Detailed story in the SF Chronicle about the plane, which is made near SF. As noted above this brand new aircraft is having a lot of crashes.

A couple of low-quality sources are talking about video showing him flying aggressively low., Daily Mail. Presumably the NTSB will have a report eventually; even if he weren't a celebrity this accident will get special attention because of the plane involved.
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non canadian guy, I was at that game! Up in the nosebleeds but behind home plate. Still the closest I've been to seeing a no-hitter in person.

I was contemplating Halladay's Hall of Fame case a couple of months back and came to the conclusion that he was going to have a rough ride to make it because his win total is so low -- "just" 203. The long-term switch to understanding that pitcher wins don't mean much wouldn't be far enough along to help him by the time he dropped off the ballot, or so I think.

Now? The HOF voters love players who die young, so he's probably a cinch in 2018. But, oof, what a way to do it.
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".@JohnBarrESPN shares his own personal story about #RoyHalladay" [Twitter Video]

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace.
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My first post on Metafilter was inspired by Roy Halladay. And even though I know his formative years and most of his career belongs to Toronto, I was hoping that he'd come back to the Phillies as a coach. I knew the Phils hired him as a "mental skills coach," but I thought that was sort of fluff position just to keep Roy around the organization. Instead, he really was around the Phillies minor leaguers -- bringing a massage chair, making PowerPoint presentations for them, holding office hours. I hoped that Roy might eventually get a WS ring as a coach, bittersweet as that would be for him. His death still feels like a loss for baseball because he was just getting back to being part of it again.
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