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An article in the New Republic
June 13, 2002 4:43 PM   Subscribe

An article in the New Republic promoting the notion why the Perl video, an advertisment by the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistan Sovereignty, should be seen despite FBI demands to remove it, with link to it.
posted by semmi (6 comments total)

If you show the Perl video, does that mean you have to show the Python video as well? Don't let Ruby in the room!
posted by anser at 6:09 PM on June 13, 2002

anser: PHPththththtpbth.
posted by ook at 6:24 PM on June 13, 2002

Didn't we not discuss this already? Here we don't go again.
posted by artifex at 8:46 PM on June 13, 2002

BASICally, everyone should go Forth and C the perl video. Is that their Scheme?
posted by smackfu at 9:40 PM on June 13, 2002

is 'scheme' sposed to be 'schema,' microsoft's fabulous standardized XML DTD?
posted by aenemated at 2:02 AM on June 14, 2002

No, Scheme is supposed to be Scheme, AFAICT.
posted by ivey at 6:37 AM on June 14, 2002

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