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Is Pippi Longstocking the devil?
September 23, 2002 8:59 AM   Subscribe

Is Pippi Longstocking the devil? Read this and let me know what you think.
posted by Raichle (32 comments total)

Sorry, I meant the antichrist.
posted by Raichle at 9:02 AM on September 23, 2002

That site both frightens and disturbs me.
posted by pizzasub at 9:29 AM on September 23, 2002

The author of that site is clearly my hero.
posted by grrarrgh00 at 9:38 AM on September 23, 2002

I never liked the Pippi Longstocking books as a child. I found them silly and boring. But I guess there's no accounting for taste.
posted by konolia at 9:56 AM on September 23, 2002

Europeans tend, as a whole, either to deny the threat or to embrace the darkness, as would be expected from a culture built upon the firmament of indoctrination, insanity and fear

Just what I needed to cheer me up.
posted by ginz at 10:03 AM on September 23, 2002

I think this ranks a few leagues below the Wizard-of-Oz/Dark-Side-of-the-Moon 'correspondence' in terms of interest. I kept hoping there would be some actually disturbing parallel here or there that would make it worth my clicking time. Nope.

I'm afraid it's hard to get exorcised about this.
posted by soyjoy at 10:05 AM on September 23, 2002

I dunno if Pippi=Satan, but sitting through those gawdawful films certainly qualified as a peculiar type of Hell.
posted by MrBaliHai at 10:15 AM on September 23, 2002


I'm sold! Down with Pippi Longstocking!!!!
posted by Raichle at 10:15 AM on September 23, 2002

has she put gel on her braids?....this is one sign
posted by clavdivs at 10:21 AM on September 23, 2002

Yeah, well I thought Pippi was boring too, but saw the series when I was too old. I think they are written for 6 year olds or so. Loved 'Karlsson on the roof' though and 'the brothers Lionheart' is still one of my favourite books.
posted by ginz at 10:27 AM on September 23, 2002

Raichle: Is that "Down with Pippi!" or "I'm down with Pippi"?
posted by allaboutgeorge at 10:28 AM on September 23, 2002

"Adolf Hitler...was, after all, one of the less well meaning European men of the mid-20th century."

That's a thing of beauty.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 10:32 AM on September 23, 2002

Why do I always get the feeling that the people who did those Pipi Longstocking films went on to produce the Mentos commercials...
posted by airgirl at 10:34 AM on September 23, 2002

It isn't until the fourth work in the Pippi Cycle that we are allowed to see her flying ability, which she accomplishes with the use of a broom, like a witch.

Yes, but does it vibrate?
posted by ginz at 10:40 AM on September 23, 2002

This link caused all sorts of commotion over here in Sweden a couple of years ago. (See here.) Anyone who dares speak up against Astrid Lindgren's creations gets slagged, basically. So, I'm taking names here, ginz and konoila will soon receive word from The Swedish Pippi Longstocking Anti Defamation league. ;)

That said, I'm a huge fan of Pippi. A lovely book by all accounts.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:41 AM on September 23, 2002

...lovely books.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:44 AM on September 23, 2002

Did anyone get to the Epilogue, The Crusade Continues? Hehe.

psst Raichle, the url in your userpage doesn't work
posted by ginz at 10:46 AM on September 23, 2002

lifts soundofsuburbia in the air with one hand and drops him
posted by ginz at 10:50 AM on September 23, 2002

* The SPLADL retreats with tail between legs *
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:55 AM on September 23, 2002

posted by ginz at 10:56 AM on September 23, 2002

The Swedish Pippi Longstocking Anti Defamation league.

Motto: We may not read well, and we may not know what we're talking about, but hey, we're posting anyway.
posted by soundofsuburbia at 10:58 AM on September 23, 2002

SPLADL: "Swedish Pippi Longstocking Anti-Defamation League"
posted by mr_crash_davis at 10:58 AM on September 23, 2002

as a child i liked the books but the movies annoyed me... the child actor didn't fit my vision of the character at all. i remember pippi as simply being a high-spirited and uncoordinated orphan with freckles, not some super powered, blistered demon spawn, so this guy's site just comes off as crazyhuhkookoonuts.

of course as a freckled red-head i may indeed be a satanic avatar, trying to sway you all to the dark side. or something like that 8-)
posted by t r a c y at 10:59 AM on September 23, 2002

lol s.o.s.
Anyway, clever marketing this article.
posted by ginz at 11:05 AM on September 23, 2002

Did anyone see The Wizard of Oz 2? Supposedly a very freaky movie, but I haven't had the heart to watch it yet.
posted by grrarrgh00 at 11:26 AM on September 23, 2002

To Ginz: It's a work in progress :). I was hoping it would be up by now but my webserver is not running yet. Also, I have decided to run links on that to anit-christ based interpretations of all children's books. ;)

To allaboutgeorge:
I'm torn between hosting a book burning and taking over the world in pippi's name!
posted by Raichle at 11:34 AM on September 23, 2002

"I've decided to run links---"
Yes, Raichle, please do! I lost my collection in a computer melt-down and I've been missing them ever since!

This one sure does look like a marketing ploy but I don't care. I've decided the more confusion between joke sites like this and joke sites like Buchanan and Robertson and that ilk, the more people will have to READ the books in question in order to make up their minds about them. ---And wouldn't that be a good thing? ;)
posted by realjanetkagan at 12:34 PM on September 23, 2002

grrarrgh00: I assume you mean "Return to Oz" Actually, it was sort of freaky. It was much more like the original Baum books. When you think about it, though, the first movie had incredibly disturbing flying monkeys, so it's really a matter of taste. If you like Tim Burton movies, I recommend.
posted by hoborg at 12:37 PM on September 23, 2002

taking over the world in pippi's name!

So is Astrid Lingren a Lewis Carroll?

Her second book, Pippi Longstocking, which she wrote as a present for her daughter's tenth birthday was published in 1945.

The explanation of truth. They broke the tradition of Elsa Beskow's books, where children behaved well, and appealed to the little anarchist living inside every small child.

I think she was a great mom. How, well she wrote it. By saying to her children, have fun while you can. By tale-ing(sic) her children that being devilish is ok as a child and being mischievous is half of it too. Thus now is the time to do it while you can, a childhood that is.
posted by thomcatspike at 12:50 PM on September 23, 2002

Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, here is the capsule description thoughtfully provided by the Independent Journal newspaper in Marin, CA:

8:00 p.m. "The Wizard of Oz" - Ray Bolger, Judy Garland (1939) B/W, Color. Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again. Channel 4
posted by Wet Spot at 5:25 PM on September 23, 2002

I already thought she was the antichrist, but what a site!

So hard to tell if he's joking, sometimes.
posted by Yelling At Nothing at 1:15 AM on September 24, 2002

That's it. I'm moving to Marin.
posted by hoborg at 8:18 AM on September 24, 2002

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