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Year of the Ram! [or black sheep, or goat]
February 1, 2003 6:36 AM   Subscribe

The year of the Ram!... or black sheep... or goat Dating since 2600 BC, the Chinese calendar is a lunar system of dating that goes in 12 year cycles. It is commonly seen on the place mats of your favorite Chinese eatery. Each year in the cycle is assigned a different animal, mine being the great, "clever to the point of genius" (i always remember that part) monkey - which happens to be next year. Any one make resolutions for this holiday? I wish I knew more about this but apparently there are traditional ceremonies for it. A little advice for the year ahead.
posted by phylum sinter (9 comments total)

Clever to the point of genius ;-)

posted by Dick Paris at 7:10 AM on February 1, 2003

whoops! and i thought i beat them to the punch. Well... maybe next time.
posted by phylum sinter at 7:33 AM on February 1, 2003

I was going to post about it today too but someone called it a day early.
posted by stbalbach at 9:51 AM on February 1, 2003

1979... it's my year
posted by nthdegx at 11:18 AM on February 1, 2003

Dammit, is it already the year of the Ram? I just wrote Year of the Horse on some of my checks.
posted by horsewithnoname at 1:31 PM on February 1, 2003

I just wrote Year of the Horse on some of my checks.

posted by Shane at 1:55 PM on February 1, 2003

Classic indeed.
posted by languagehat at 2:32 PM on February 1, 2003

The Tibetan New Year is Losar which takes place tomorrow. It's good to clean the temple for it, have a feast, spend time with family. That's what we will do. I understand that in Nepal etc. the festivities involve lots of drinking and fun for a few days.
posted by mblandi at 2:46 PM on February 1, 2003

My apologies, Losar is actually on March 3rd, apparently. Yeah, you think moon calendars are cool and all, then...
posted by mblandi at 6:58 PM on February 1, 2003

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