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"When I picked his head up, it wasn't even connected," he recounts later that night in the rushed, excited tones of a youngster describing finding a forbidden fort in the woods. "The only thing holding his head on was skin. It felt like... wet goo. But with broken bones, so it was jagged. Squishy but crunchy. His head felt like solid Jello with shards of broken glass."
Gidget Gein picks up dead bodies.
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So it's a pseudonym, right? Based on another Gein?
posted by mr_roboto at 10:56 PM on July 28, 2004

So it's a pseudonym, right? Based on another Gein?

If you read the article, it talks about that.
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Fascinating article. Thanks for the link, Modem
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Oddly, his stomach started growling, and with the rotting corpse filling the bag with gas as it lay smothered in the hot van, Gein opted for a little Burger King drive-through, which he ate right in the van, to save time. Sure, he had to get the dead dude to the ME as soon as possible. But he was hungry. "I wanted breakfast," he says. "They stop serving breakfast at 10 a.m., so if I'd dropped the body off first, I would have missed it."

With a paragraph like that you know it's a good article. Thanks, modem!
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[This is good]
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well ... if the job market gets real tight and i'm looking ... i guess i know where my last sure bet is

hey, SOMEONE'S got to do it
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So it's a pseudonym, right? Based on another Gein?

Not only is it, but throughout the text on Gein's site there are refernces to other serial killers, some subtle and some not. The image on the splash page is reminiscent of the Death's Head Moth from Silence of the Lambs, Gein's bio says "Dada (Police officer and part time professional clown)."(a la J.W. Gacy), links to Nico Claux's web site.

I have several friends who have a fascination with SKs. I don't consider it unhealthy, it's basically a fascination with abnormal psych.

hey, SOMEONE'S got to do it

Google "Crime Scene Cleanup" and you'll find they're not only doing it but getting rich from it. There's even schools you can attend to LEARN to do it. What fun!
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What a fascinating story! Thanks for posting it.
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Agreed; fascinating. Thanks.
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Ewwwh. Just, eewwh! My sister is a forensic pathologist, so you think I'd be inured to this sort of thing...but no. Dead folks creep me out. Interesting article though...but still...eeewh.
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I like the part about people trying to cut their own heads off.
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what a character. great link.
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Now that's goth...fascinating though unsettling read, good find. Thanks!
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he just lost that job because of the story. :(
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