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So I illustrated Gravity's Rainbow -- nobody asked me to, but I did it anyway. Previous Thomas Pynchon/Gravity's Rainbow related post.
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I'm pretty impressed, if not by the illustrations themselves, at least by the ambition of the project.
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Great book. I normally read a fiction book in a day or two, a week at the most. Gravity's Rainbow took me a month or two. Must re-read it soon.
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I saw this at the Whitney Biennial last year and it was astounding. I love the scope of this project. It would be fun if more people started making page by page illustrations of works of literature.
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yeah. wow.

the gentleman is certainly a thoroughly devoted (and not untalented) pynchon aficionado.

now if you'll excuse me i'm going to sit at my monitor and reread the beast, with pictures.

(last one to finish has to reread infinite jest with pictures for every page (and footnote)).
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It would be fun if more people started making page by page illustrations of works of literature.
Dali famously did this with the Divine Comedy (one illustration for each canto, I think).
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I have done this with Candide with each of its 30 chapters, but never thought to go through a book page by page.
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Dali famously did this with the Divine Comedy (one illustration for each canto, I think).

Whoa, thanks for the tip. I was unaware of this. Looking it up, I found you can check out the Inferno here and there are links to the Purgatorio and the Paradiso at the bottom. I have a doodle on each page of my Contracts casebook that usually concerns the facts of the case, but its not a grand artistic design, it is just that I get bored in class.
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Thanks, arse_hat!
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neat stuff - haven't read the book but this just got it put (back) on my list. Nice Dante/Dali link too, falconetti.

And may I say, a day without a shirt is a good day in my book.
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interesting concept. Thanks, arse_hat.
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goddamn cool!
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Fantastic. Although I can't help but wonder what the artist's talent in service of his own vision would produce.
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I am hoping that we will soon see a film of this amazing book. Thanks for the link.
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Man, am I excited to see these online. I must have spent nearly an hour standing in front of this piece in the biennial. I love the individual drawings, but seeing them as a set was truly overpowering. Word on the street is that Zak was trying to put together a book of the drawings - let's hope that actually happens.

As it turns out, a couple of my instructors were either Zak's teacher or peer when he was in grad school. He has a really interesting process for a lot of his work - he'll do a small drawing in a notebook and then, in a dark room, project the drawing using an enlarger onto photo paper. He'll then develop the image and work on top of it in ink and acryllic - it gives his pieces a look of floating somewhere between drawing and photography. This picture seems like a pretty good example of that.

And for samh23, here's some of his non-Pynchon-related work - his gallery has some images of his portraits and abstract work. There used to be another gallery of his work, but it appears to have been taken down. However, one of my favorite drawings of his is still available.

My recent work (which, incidentally, I just put online) was probably influenced a lot by his work, althought I certainly wasn't consiously thinking about it. It's nice to see the images again.
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I am hoping that we will soon see a film of this amazing book.

Rumor of possible film

Pynchon in TV and film.

I have no clue as to the veracity of that rumor about the Art Garfunkel directed film of Gravity's Rainbow starring Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen. It seems old.

I am not sure how anyone could do justice to this book in a single film. It would be better to base the film on a limited aspect of the story, but then it would likely lose its Pynchonesque feel, which in no small part depends upon the non-linear inter-weaving plots.
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His style doesn't quite fit my vision of Gravity's Rainbow, but these are beautiful drawings.

The budget a director would need to make a proper fim of Gravity's Rainbow would be so high as to guarantee they would not be allowed to make a proper film of Gravity's Rainbow. I wrote a short fake review of a possible version once.
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Fickt nicht mit der Raketemensch!
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I am hoping that we will soon see a film of this amazing book.

*shudders at thought of what Hollywood would do to Gravity's Rainbow*

Say, did you ever see Catch-22?... Oh, no reason, just thought I'd ask.

Nice post!
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Wow, that was pretty sweet. I really do have to finish this book...
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I saw this exhibit at the Whitney--if any work of art deserves to be described as a "labor of love," it's this.
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That's really neat. Thanks!
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Previous Pynchon and Modern Word related post.
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Very nice.

NO FILM. kkkrist 90% of book to film movies suck. there is no way to truely seperate the two from eachother.
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Wow and whatnot. I love those illustrations. Some of them remind me of the old book covers from the Penguin Modern Classics library.

Also, I want to know just how perverse the pictures get.
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Also, I want to know just how perverse the pictures get.

The ones accompanying the episodes onboard the Anubis are probably the high water mark for perversity. Finding them is an exercise left to the reader.
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So, I should amend my previous comment. Zak doesn't work with an enlarger, nor does he work on top of the images once they've been printed. Some of the drawings, such as the panda one I linked to above, were contact-printed. Since this inverts the colors, he sometimes (although not always) does a second contact print on the negative to get the colors back to positive again. My apologies to Zak for misrepresenting his process.
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Outstanding that someone would be inspired enough to put so much effort into this project. Thanks for sharing...
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Awesome project. I've read the first 100 pages 7 times (finally read the whole book the 7th time), so some of those initial images are outstanding for me. It's just how I imagined Pirate Prentice and those banana breakfasts. (Btw, if you've ever had trouble finishing GR (I sure did!), 10 pages a day will get you there in no time. Or 2+ months. One of those.)

The adenoid! Fantastic!

Also, I want to know just how perverse the pictures get.

Not very, from what I've seen. The Pudding-Katje scene is mild (vagina shot), as is the Anubis stuff ... which is not necessarily a bad thing.
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I don't have the book around. Unlikely spoilers...

On what page does the wrong guy (deserving though he is) get castrated? And on what page is the coprophilia? Are these lovingly rendered?
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