First anniversary of John Peel's death
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Celebrating the life of John Peel: as we approach the first anniversary of John Peel's death, the BBC are preparing for the first John Peel Day on 13 October (marking the day of his last ever Radio 1 show). Things kick off with a concert tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (broadcast tomorrow night on Radio 1) and over 300 gigs across the country. Meanwhile, Radio 4 will be broadcasting a special edition of Home Truths from John and Sheila's home in Suffolk on 22 October, including the naming of a locomotive diesel at Bury St Edmonds.
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still in mourning
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Is there not something ironic in other people selecting bands and playlists in John Peel's honour?

This smacks of commercial opportunism.

The locomotive naming is cool though.
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This smacks of commercial opportunism.


Hundreds of small-scale gigs all over the country featuring unknown or little-known bands smacks of commercial opportunism? Am I missing something here?
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Hundreds of gigs, probably thousands of bands playing in memory of some short, fat, hairy-except-for-where-it-counts man whom we all loved and all miss.
Talk a walk into town and listen to the bands: this isn't commercialism for most of us.
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I think I was a little uncomfortable at first with the cd release but if the proceeds go to his family then I'd consider it as a great compilation in a good cause and be all for it.

Also, some (many?) of the gigs are raising money for John Peel's favourite charities, for example, the Salvation Army.
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john peel 1939-2004 RPM say no more
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1975, after playing a track from Springsteen's first album: "Well, that was powerfully average." Mid-80s, after playing some miserable sounding, droning indie-rock track: "Oh well, you can't be mad with glee all the time." Here's a page of listeners' Favorite Peel Quotes.

If you' haven't heard his voice -- a treat in itself -- here's an mp3 of one of his broadcasts minus the music. He was interviewing two comedians, but even they might agree that Peel was the funniest person there.

Nice post, ceri.
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Here's a page of listeners' Favorite Peel Quotes.

That's not a page. It's an mp3.
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Favorite Peel Quotes.

Thanks, srboisvert.
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Thanks for this one, inspite of knowing about Peely for years it never hurts to remind people of his sardonic genius.

Just glad he got rid of the perfumed garden.
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Of all the Mefi posts I wish I could have participated in, I regret most not being able to say something in the JP memorial thread. I'd never cried over the death of someone I've never met before and haven't since. Watching these wonderful words appear on the blue and not being able to join in was heartbreaking - he truly was a huge part of my growing up.

Good on you, old chap.
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John Peel had the balls to play grindcore before the genre even truly came together. The man was a visionary (see: his rampant endorsements of Napalm Death and Carcass) and didn't limit himself. He enjoyed what he believed to be GOOD music -- regardless of type.

Anyone who is into any sort of underground music more-than likely owes a great debt to John Peel.
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The Peel Tapes
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