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Warning, warning signs ahead
December 6, 2005 8:28 PM   Subscribe

Warning signs ahead. Use caution. Don't be somewhere you shouldn't. No crapping in the woods. I just don't know.
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Don't crash servers
posted by knave at 8:34 PM on December 6, 2005

they need a service unavailable sign
posted by wakko at 8:41 PM on December 6, 2005

Oh, this'un's gonna come in handy.
posted by Gator at 8:44 PM on December 6, 2005

Damn, already?
posted by Emperor Yamamoto's Eggs at 8:45 PM on December 6, 2005

Hosting with Who says there's no such thing as bad publicity?
posted by spock at 8:57 PM on December 6, 2005

posted by Jon-o at 9:14 PM on December 6, 2005

So, i actually know the guy who runs this site... he just moved and his second dsl line doesn't get installed until next week.
posted by gambit at 10:01 PM on December 6, 2005

Oh, this'un's gonna come in handy.

It did, Gator.
posted by dhartung at 10:21 PM on December 6, 2005

They aren't pictographic, but I always got a kick out of the signs on the trails to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire:
The area ahead has the worst weather in America. Many have died there from exposure, even in the summer. Turn back now if the weather is bad.
There's another good one at the start of the Crawford Path guaranteeing almost-certain death by heart attack if you aren't in peak physical condition, but I couldn't find the exact text on line.
posted by Opposite George at 10:47 PM on December 6, 2005

Service Unavailable
posted by gren at 10:55 PM on December 6, 2005

Working fine now.
posted by Bugbread at 11:03 PM on December 6, 2005

There's a great warning sign at Yellowstone showing a boy scout stepping off of the raised path and into a thinly-crusted geothermal pool filled with boiling water. Wonderful.
posted by brundlefly at 11:35 PM on December 6, 2005

translation of jon-o's sign:

SEN-RO+ni mono+wo otosareta-kata+ha eki-kakari-IN+ni o-moshi-de+kudasai.

"line-road"+(prepositional "on"/"to" particle に)
"thing"+(direct object particle を)
(past passive inflection of otosu, "to drop")-(formal "person"/"party")+(topic particle は)
"station"-"duty"-"staff"+(prepositional "on"/"to" particle に)
(honorific particle を)-(verb stem of "to request")+"please".

Person who has dropped something onto the tracks make request to station staff please.

posted by Heywood Mogroot at 11:41 PM on December 6, 2005

That last linked sign certainly means "I have a suitcase full of hot-pants."
posted by Kirth Gerson at 3:45 AM on December 7, 2005

Ha! The "No crapping in the woods" sign says "Toiletten benutzen!"

To translate, it means : USE THE TOILET!

I guess Germans need to be told because, like bears, they naturally go in the woods. Or something.
posted by grapefruitmoon at 5:55 AM on December 7, 2005

posted by carter at 5:56 AM on December 7, 2005

Those "Don't be somewhere you shouldn't" ones are all over the place in Singapore. After a few days of seeing them everywhere, I was scared to leave my hotel.
posted by you just lost the game at 7:11 AM on December 7, 2005

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