Move over oolong.
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I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a dog with a horse mask on its head.
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Odd. The dog does not look Japanese
posted by Postroad at 2:09 PM on June 9, 2006

I don't know whether the "so" is an appropriate conjunction here. There is no causal relation - "and" or "but" work better for me, boo_radley.
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I think you're barking up the wrong tree with this one....
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the dog thinks the yorkie may be a toy for its amusement.
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The dog with the glass balanced on its forehead... that's impressive. Good dog.

The rest is just sad, sad sad.
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English Translation
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You post porn so flippantly, just like that?
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“It smells, the cave”

“Gymnastics of foot”

“It is hairy, it is the form after being”

Picking the skin of [odeko], when pulling up rather, the face, you could laugh enormously,
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A goat on a pole, with a monkey on its back.
Several more goat on pole images can be found here: monkeyfilter.
I <3 things too much sometimes.
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The horseface is taken with the hawk fish eye lens.
The clothes which do not become coming out hair prevention.
From today this the superior younger brother it is, securely baby sitting, doing!
“It fights with the tangerine” - 4 achievements!
“[zubotsu]!” It is fixed to the yogurt.

It's surprising how many of these actually make sense in the context of the photographs.
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Other people's dogs are usually a lot like other people's kids in that I don't really care, please put the pictures away.

This dog, however, looks like about 85 tons of fun.
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Sadly, the dios pile over on MeTa is more compelling than the dog porn here.

Also, “It fights with the tangerine” - 4 achievements!" seems to fit equally well there as here.
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leftcoastbob wrote,"the dios pile over on MeTa is more compelling than the dog porn here".

Well, some people slow down for car crashes. Takes all kinds, I guess. Besides, you know how the dios pile up's gonna end, cause it's a rerun, just like the food network showing "Dis-kabob-ulated" 3 times over the past month on Good Eats. Dog with a horse mask on? That's novelty. You don't know what's gonna happen.
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Lab's are cute 'n' all but didn't a french lady get her face eaten by one? I recall it ended well, her new face was less wrinkly than the original, she was a heavy smoker or something.
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Yep, dogs are still charming.
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That dog has lived a full and rich life.
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I liked it. I miss not having a dog :(
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These pictures make this dog look like it is involved in some sort of 419 scam.
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So my boss is looking at this over my shoulder and comments that he always has trouble looking at pictures like this cause his first thought is, "Is that an American dog in Japan?"

I'm leaving this job in a week. Thank god. cool post!
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Ok. And I just read postroad's comment. My boss feels better now.
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I miss not having a dog :(

That means you have a dog now?
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you can't just be puting clothes on animals... that's the first step you know.
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That dog must have been in a band, and this is the cover of his acclaimed solo album.
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aw, god I feel sorry for this sweet pooch, like for that overworked pancake balancer, Oolong, and yet there is something endearing about documenting this tender silliness.

blue_beetle, thank you for posting the hilarious translation.
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I wondered who was going to post that pic. That when the photographer's endearingness became a little troubling.
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It's worth quoting the caption on that one, too:

"Gymnastics of foot”
Coming [ya] ~ complete visiblity! < you are disgusted, the [ya] impoliteness!/i>

The [ya] impoliteness, indeed.

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Whoops; I think that extra angle bracket in the quote messed with my italic tags...
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Lab's are cute 'n' all but

That's a Golden Retriever, isn't it?
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If God is dog spelled backwards what will happen if I look at these pictures in a mirror?
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zarah you may be right, it's the luxuriant coat that never fails to confuses me. But quite honestly you are missing the point; let me take a moment to explain: In France Cute Dogs Eat Ladies Faces.
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For a moment I could have sworn that said In France Cute Dogs Ear Ladies Faeces.

You have no idea how glad I am to have realised my mistake.
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My god. I'm full of beer.
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Suppose that dog knows, well you know, he's in Japan, and not in Merica, but he still looks cute, and almost Merican? Except for the horse head and the butt hole...How do you say good dog in hiku?
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BTW photos of faces of dogs (and other pets) shot with a fish-eye lens is (was) a huge thing in Japan and Taiwan. It all started with this.

+ Japan’s #1 Puppy franchise!
+ The immensely popular property that launched in Japan of 2000, took the country by storm! It has generated more than $300 million in sales.
+ Artbank includes: 70 different breeds of dogs & over 100,000 puppy images photographed at unique angles where heads and bodies are adorably enhanced to give museum-like feel.
+ Strong graphics complimented by a clean, white background sets it apart from all other puppy photography with its contemporary-driven look.
+ Awards: Japan’s 2001 Character of the Year

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Yeah, looks like a nice dog and such.

But I can't help feeling like he's some lame clone of Oolong.

This dog is "The Strokes" to Oolong's "Velvet Underground."
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Hee hee. Similar dogs with bandana's on their heads.
posted by dog food sugar at 6:36 AM on June 11, 2006

Golden Retriever FTW
posted by humboldt32 at 7:58 AM on June 12, 2006

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