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Leonard Cohen reads his poetry on the Online NewsHour.
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Unexpected treat thank-you.
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The artist is, indeed, "the antenna of the race" as Ezra Pound once put it...
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Indeed. Many thanks. My mum will be quite grateful.
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the heart of the matter is here, emphasis added:

LEONARD COHEN: I never thought of myself as a poet, to tell you the truth. I always thought that poetry is the verdict that others give to a certain kind of writing. So to call yourself a poet is a kind of dangerous description. It's for others; it's for others to use...

[this poem] is a very short one, but I think it speaks to the point. It's called "Thousands."

"Out of the thousands who are known or who want to be known as poets, maybe one or two are genuine and the rest are fakes, hanging around the sacred precincts, trying to look like the real thing. Needless to say, I am one of the fakes, and this is my story."
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The artist is, indeed, "the antenna of the race" as Ezra Pound once put it...

Yes, Ezra Pound was an expert on race. He's in hell with me. He's actually a fun guy in small doses.
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He uses that whole poetry is a verdict thing all of the time, but it never loses its impact. I want a Leonard Cohen afterworld.
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It always feels like a privilege to read an interview with the esteemed Mr. Cohen. Such thoughtful and eloquent people are a rarity, it would seem, in this increasingly crass and belligerent world.
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Thank you for posting this. Indeed a treat, and he is indeed a rare species. I'd prefer a world where Leonard Cohen was the President rather than having to wait for the afterworlds.

*yes, I know he can't be president - no snarking please, ok?
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wheelieman, Enjoyed this. Thanks.
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