Sewers of Canada
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Sewers of Canada Many pictures of Great Canadian Drains.
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awesome! if you'd like to get into some of these places yourself, the urban exploration database is a great resource.
posted by sergeant sandwich at 6:48 AM on August 28, 2006

Holy crap!

Great pics. Thanks for the link. Really. I love this urban exploration stuff. :)
posted by bim at 7:03 AM on August 28, 2006

"The 'vestibule' of Calgary's Deathwish drain... Boy, that just hangs out a welcome mat, doesn't it?
posted by Mike D at 7:12 AM on August 28, 2006

I think I saw this image on the monitor during my colonoscopy.
posted by Terminal Verbosity at 7:28 AM on August 28, 2006

step right up, ladies and gents, come and see the two-assed man!
posted by sergeant sandwich at 7:47 AM on August 28, 2006

Some of them heavenly, some of them nightmarish, all of them beautiful. This one reminds me of 2001. Thanks!
posted by squirrel at 7:51 AM on August 28, 2006

i prefer boards of canada :(
posted by StrasbourgSecaucus at 8:22 AM on August 28, 2006

One point awarded to StrasbourgSecaucus.
posted by retronic at 9:04 AM on August 28, 2006

I read "sewers of canada" to mean people who sew. My first thought upon looking at the photos on the main page was, "Wouldn't they need more light than that?"
posted by flarbuse at 9:16 AM on August 28, 2006 [1 favorite]

Then there's Victoria's ultimate sewer: the ocean.
posted by Staggering Jack at 10:19 AM on August 28, 2006

"Sewers Of Canada" sounds like a metal Boards Of Canada cover band.


Or at least that's the first thing that came to my mind.
posted by sparkletone at 10:21 AM on August 28, 2006

The Boards of Canada album, Music has the right to Children would be a great soundtrack to view these pictures to.
posted by Ohdemah at 10:50 AM on August 28, 2006

Why does my employer block the urban exploration database? Must check it at home to see...
posted by raedyn at 4:00 PM on August 28, 2006

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