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A parody [video] of The Office first earned a high school student a visit to the set of the show and then an internship.
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I like that this post has no comments at all.
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posted by srboisvert at 6:28 AM on February 3, 2007

There's one glaring problem. The cellphone ring says "HELLO MOTO" and the phone in the Jell-o is clearly a Nokia.

(But other than that, it's actually pretty brilliant.)
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Is this available in a non-Flash format? Sounds really interesting.
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Looks like a pretty swish high school.
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Seemed like standard-quality high school stuff to me--weird it got singled out. grapefruitmoon, what's brilliant about it?

And isn't the Jell-O gag stolen right out of the original Office?
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dobbs, I wondered that too. While it's well done, it doesn't quite seem like it's "give that kid a job" good. But I looked more closely at the article, and apparently the full thing is over 20 minutes long, so I guess as a whole it must have been impressive.
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Didn't seem very good to me, other than the set and costume. It was probably singled out just to give The Office more publicity.
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I'd like to see the rest of the 20 minutes. I have a feeling I'm missing a lot. It was definitely good for a high school parody, considering what a lot of those look like.
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And isn't the Jell-O gag stolen right out of the original Office?

I do like how they added onto it by having the Tim/Jim character eating Jell-O.
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The first two minutes was pretty good, I guess, but does it qualify as a parody? Isn't it more like what the American Office is to the English version?
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Meh. Shouldn't this be, say, funny? I mean, for something to be a parody, shouldn't it be humorous?

Because, to me, humor was not something this had.
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Parody? Pastiche? Either way, where's the beef?
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Have you guys seriously sunk to the depths of making fun of high school kids? It was pretty good for what it's worth. I didn't fall out of my chair laughing, but then again, I don't do that when multi-million dollar actors do their normal jobs on tv shows. Cut these kids a break.
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"Cut these kids a break."

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Because we're not all egotistical, whiny, know-it-all douchebags who use the internet to mock kids who are just trying to express themselves creatively. What the hell do most kids do in high school? And these guys are creating a parody of a tv show. That's pretty interesting, despite it's inability to generate popular appeal. And we didn't even get to see the whole thing, apparently.
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STD, I don't see it as mocking. I think that most of us just see a disjunct between the quality of the clip and anyone actually connected to the show being impressed enough to contact the creators. The clip just seems so terribly average I can't understand why anyone would pay attention to it, let alone offer someone an internship.
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I was more upset by the girl they had on that video as Pam Beesly. Her knees were clearly, entirely too pointy.
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